First up, at the risk of boring some of you, it’s worth repeating a generic text I shot out last night. It read: Just spoke to surgeons and they’re very happy with how it went. They said squatter had shrunk significantly and they had a good go at it. They said pathology tests will indicate degree of success.

When the guys who’ve just dissected you utter the words ‘very happy’, you’ve gotta be very bloody happy. Obviously, many fingers will be crossed re those pathology results.

The day played out with us rising at 5.00am to be in Lismore by 6.40am. Only the eviction of a bowel squatter could justify travelling to Lismore at such an ungodly hour.  We first met with Stoma nurse, Bill Tyrell, an incredibly up beat bloke, who marked the ominous ‘X’ on P’s midriff before we proceeded to the pre-op department. My sense of deja vu was justified given 10 years ago Bill marked my six pack in the very same way. Well, maybe not a six pack, probably more resembling an inflated cask bladder.

Cutting to the chase, four hours later my girl was no longer encumbered by an angry  arsehole (no, she didn’t dump me), a burnt bowel and all the painful crap that went with it. Yes, she did look and act as though she’d been hit by a Kenworth, but having just spoken to her now she’s recovered really well. The nurses are stoked with where she’s at and reckon her brand new stoma looks beach-ready. No more pain, no more incontinence, no more roids and fingers crossed… no more bloody squatter.

I’d call that a good day. Thank you all for your kindness, love and support. It’s very humbling. We really get it that this is not just about us. When we feel your pain over this  it breaks us up.

Big Byron Hugs from us both.






16 thoughts on “yeeeeeesssssss

  1. Oh thank god for that, poor old mum has been asking me every 1/2 hour if I had heard from you so needless to say she and I are greatly relieved that it has all gone so well. thanks for the update Michael, should be able to sleep tonight!!

  2. Thanks so much for the update Michael. I was on tenterhooks all day yesterday and I had other people, like Cheryl’s story about her mum, messaging me asking if there was any news. Just goes to show how universally loved our Pwoo is. Glad to hear op is over and went well. Everything now crossed for those pathology results. Well done you for being such a wonderful supporter (and reporter) of the event. Look forward to more updates and it goes without saying, please send Pwoo our love. ❤

  3. Feels like you guys have turned a major corner, on the up and up from here on in. Well done both looking forward to going in and annoying the gorgeous ‘Kenworth Truck’, formally known as Prulicious. love and massive hugs Vic and Phil

  4. Yesssssssssss!!!! Prue power unleashed! Thank you universe and doctors and nurses and cleaners! ( that last category is a personal addition as somehow I always managed to ask the cleaners for pain medication when I was in hospital 😳😏xxxxxxxx Pam (and Greg )

  5. Thank you Michael, for the good news and for writing to let us all know the good news when you have so much going on already. I know I said it already but you are an inspiration – each of you separately and both together.
    Having got this far Prue is likely to suffocate under the weight of love and hugs coming your way. Xxxoooxxx

  6. 💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋💕🦋
    So relieved the pain is over for you dear Prue, that’s the part which broke my heart! Now recovery time … parcel on its way, to keep you amused. I’ll be in touch, Tanxxx

  7. Yay, yay, yay…… Sooooo good to read this. Recovery time and then hopefully onto brighter things now the squatter has been dealt with…. relief all round I’m sure. Love and hugs to you both. Look forward to seeing you guys sooooooon…. xxxx

  8. So good to hear all has gone well, such a relief. You both haven’t been far from our thoughts the last few days. I hope Prue has had a restful day in her post anaesthetic haze! So great that all those nasty things are behind her.🌻🌻🌻 By the way Prue’s Abs look amazing! Well done on a good update Michael which we really appreciate. More love & hugs to you both Pxx💗💗🤗🤗

  9. Great to hear all has gone well. Please send our best wishes on to Prue and lots of big get well hugs and kisses all the way from FNQ. When all is good come and see us for a very well deserved break. You guys are welcome anytime. Love, Lea and Joe and the rest of the mob!! 😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Thank you for the update Michael, what a good day! Best wishes to you and Prue, so glad to hear you’ve turned the corner. Lots of love from all of us Aitken’s xxxx

  11. UK hugs from me to you both. Thank you Michael for the post. Prue, you are a star.. A star exemplifying courage and grace and hopefully now, recovery and adjustment not withstanding, a new normal life after a freakin torrid time, my God !? You are a dynamic duo you two and we love you, clearly xxx

  12. So so glad that day is now over with….. Sure you are both feeling the same. Prue you are a star…..May this be the start of new positive pain free beginnings…. sending love and hugs your way… Prue and Mick xxxxx

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