Time to be a high achiever and get 100

Geezus, this cancer caper business is busy – soooo much to do. I’m trying to get some semi-full days in on the work front before the treatment program gets into full swing but failing miserably. I keep getting calls from medical staff informing me of my next appointment – appointments I didn’t know I was having.

Yesterday, whilst snatching my morning energy revitalising moment (AKA as a snooze/meditation) I get a call from ‘Annette’. I haven’t met Annette but she’s apparently yet another one of the incredibly caring nurses at the Cancer Care Unit, she was ringing to ask me if it’s at all possible to be at the unit by 12.30 that day. WTF? I’d just mapped out my day which consisted of getting up and working for an hour or two, followed by a rest and repeating, interspersed with snack, lunch, snack, hideous chocolate flavoured naturopathic potion, dinner then bed. But no, that wasn’t to be, the squatter gets full priority and if I have to go and have a radiation scan when a unit is available then I must. Hi ho hi ho, off to Lismore we go – again. Fortunately m’darlink could be pulled away from work and donned his chauffeur hat pronto.

The radiation scan was like a CT scan but with many more positioning tasks and re-positioning tasks. It required two technicians, a nurse and took an eternity to set up before the 10 minute scanning kicked in. It was quite an event, even Rodriguz showed up. I’m not sure why because all he did was put a plug in my bum and tell me I’m officially anaemic. Thanks Rod. I’d already been told by Annette that my blood count had dropped to 79 and that a possibilty of a blood transfusion was on the horizon. Apparently a normal blood count is 120 and mine was 95 when I had the iron infusion but after my recent encounter in emergency (I’ll write about that another time) when it dropped to 93, I learned that a blood transfusion only occurs if the blood count is 80 or under. And they won’t start the treatment until my blood count is above 100.

So today I get another call – this time from Jodie who we have met – to inform me they’re going ahead with the blood transfusion and I need to be at Ballina hospital next Wednesday for a ‘cross match’ to take place. Once they’ve got a match to my blood type they’ll need me back in Lismore on Friday for the transfusion and to allow the whole day. What? The whole day? You’ve gotta be kidding me! Two to three bags of blood are required and each bag takes 2 hours! Farrrk.

Drinking yet another foul concoction in prep for the scan



7 thoughts on “Time to be a high achiever and get 100

  1. Bloody Mitchell. You’re looking groovy and so well even when you’ve got a squatter. Loving your update. Thank you. I already love Annette and Jodie and Rod too. And Michael is a national treasure as we all know. But most importantly, I’m loving your shoes!

    1. Very good point S, for once I’ll take your advice 😜 And Ta for the compliments. Shame we’re not the same shoe size, I might have let you wear them when you’re here. Glad you’re not though!

  2. Phil thinks it looks like a washing machine, and asks ‘are you sure your not going for a quick spin cycle” I just think you guys are incredibly gutsy to share this with all of us, its a rare privilege to see what the process is and can image how helpful it will be to many others who find themselves in a similar position. Power to you both loads of love and hugs Vic and Phil

  3. I couldn’t help but notice the boxes of puzzles – a 1000 pieces per box. Hope you’re not there long enough to get started on one. Sending L O V E your way xxx

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