No wall of fart at this corner 

MM could well have been right in reckoning I’ve turned a corner and this time thankfully not into a wall of his fart. 

I don’t want to speak too soon, not because a wall of fart can happen at any moment but because it could bring about expectation which has proven not to work one iota on this roller coaster. 

However, I’m happy to report the past three days have been pretty bloody good. 

We managed a social outing at the weekend without too much angst, my bonding with the porcelain has lessened, as has the waves of variable pain. I’m down to a single pain which can be relieved by a bowel movement and given recent history that shouldn’t be too difficult. However, said bowel movements have decided to normalise somewhat. Fabulous, the one time I welcome a pooh and my bowel doesn’t want to deliver… of course not, it’s as contrary as our two bloody cats. Despite not delivering on command, I am very damn excited about near normal poohs, it’s the first time in a whole year! I nearly took a snap to show you all… Holler if you’d like to see it 😜. 


8 thoughts on “No wall of fart at this corner 

  1. Halle-bloody-lullah😀😂🤣🤗! Great to hear. Been thinking about you all weekend. So pleased! Nearly chuffed enough to request a happy snap. Nearly … but not quite. Sweet dreams. 😴😴

  2. Yabbadabbadoooooooo! Brilliant to hear dear Prue. Go girl go (but only once a day and without pain 😉) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Phew!!!!!!! you must be feeling a whole happier right now,…………..rapped to here your not in so much pain darling girl lotsssss of loving stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Prue
    I’ve just worked out how to see all your old posts and have been reading them for the last half hour. Wow!, you have been through a really tough couple of months. All I can say is thanks for making it so entertaining, I’m glad you’re feeling better and getting stronger. Hats off to you both.
    Looking forward to your next update.
    Paul (techno genius)

  5. So glad you have turned a corner Prue, Hooray!!! We are all thinking of you and look forward to hearing about a few more social outings as you become more adventurous! 🌞🌞🌞😎xxxx

  6. Great news! I just know the poo picture is coming soon.
    Keep up the awesome strength and humour. Got a book deal yet?

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