40% Done

Two weeks down three to go. I cannot believe how quickly the time flies, it’s not like I’m having fun. Well, that’s not entirely true because there has been no end of laughs thanks to all my chauffeurs. OMG, I have laughed. I think I might be giving the other patients in the waiting rooms […]


OMG OMG OMG! Water torture success! We finally have a path to travel… Gastro-stop for the diarrhoea, electrolytes for the hydration issues with normal water intake and BINGO, game on. M’darlink and I left home at 12 for 1pm nuke and a 1.30 doc appointment and were home by 2.30! Unheard of but hopefully hearing of a […]

Water torture

Man what a day, just when I thought things were on the up…I was soooo fucking diligent with the water consumption and still I failed. Without boring you with similar details to yesterday, simply know that I arrived for my treatment at 12 with the same quantities as yesterday plus the additional 1.5 litres consumed […]