I’m home from hitting the hospital hard

Yay, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Once they gave me the all clear on temp and BP I started to get very bossy insisting they start the transfusion asap, I wanna go home today! And the scary thing is; my squatter version of bossy is way worse than my usual bossy – ouch. Nurse Vicky was a star doing her damndest to speed things along but after the first bag was done she was occupied and there was a half hour lag between finishing one bag and beginning the next and man was I getting twitchety. Anyhow, I’m home now bonding with my new blood and hoping it’s from a clean living young Christian.

I’ll post a full wrap up later. Thanks to all those brave enough to leave comments, I’m feeling the lerve and support from far and wide big time. xx



7 thoughts on “I’m home from hitting the hospital hard

  1. Sooooo good to see you’re home and still smiling after all that terrible food. Is that a tasty rice cracker you’ve been indulging in. M-mmm. Lotsa a lerve from us to you both, and to all your support staff in BB. xx

  2. Love to you woman. You manage to make me smile with your way with words even when you probably need us to inject you with much love and smiles. We’ll just in case you weren’t aware that’s already happening. Ps you always seem to rock every outfit, regardless how hideous xx

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