The lead up to the squatter invasion

Oct 2015:  Had s stool test for suspected parasites.
Parasites confirmed and antibiotics were prescribed despite there being no guarantee of them being successful and side affects unpleasant. No cancer present.

Dec 2015: reported blood in the stools which can be a symptom of parasites. Advised to have a precautionary colonoscopy.

Feb 2016: Conferred with a friend who had the same parasites and same symptoms. She had been living with them for 4 years and had tried antibiotics both mainstream and hard core varieties as well as herbal remedies to no avail. I decided not to fullfil the antibiotic prescription.

Sep 2016: I began seeing a naturopath – the lovely Lynda Griparic – and was put on a 12 month parasite cleanse program. Again, with no guarantee of success but potentially a healthier gut.

Nov 2016: Bowel movements increased to hourly and appearance of blood increased. Energy levels began to drop Naturopath advised blood tests and colonoscopy.

Early Dec 2016: Blood tests revealed anaemia and an iron infusion was prescribed by GP as well as a cat scan and colonoscopy.

Mid Dec 2016: The above was carried out.

Dec 19: Colonoscopy revealed a colorectal malignant tumour.

Dec 20: Visit to surgeon

Jan 4: Had an MRI

Jan 8: Live-in Home help arrived in the form of Don, Jude & Billie.

Jan 11: Post MRI appointment with surgeon revealed the squatter had invited a couple of pals who preferred the environment outside the bowel wall. At this stage there’s no sign of them taking up residence in the liver – they probably know it would poison them! Surgeon referred us to Patrick Dwyer at the Lismore Cancer Care unit to determine treatment plan.

Jan 16: Appointment with Patrick Dwyer 11.20 am