OMG OMG OMG! Water torture success! We finally have a path to travel… Gastro-stop for the diarrhoea, electrolytes for the hydration issues with normal water intake and BINGO, game on.

M’darlink and I left home at 12 for 1pm nuke and a 1.30 doc appointment and were home by 2.30! Unheard of but hopefully hearing of a lot more. Take out the doc appointment and the future is looking brighter for all future chauffeurs.

Thanks again, to both Vic and Chez for being absolute super stars with your chauffeur endurance tests. You were both AMAAAAZZZZING, sooo supportive, sooo accommodating and soooo generous with your time and understanding xxxxxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Huzzah!

  1. But to the important stuff. How was Dr Ooh La La looking? Dreamy? I guess you had to keep yourself together with MM there.

    Great news!

    1. I think Dr Ooh La La has gone AWOL, either that or he’s read this blog and died from embarrassment! Kin, his lovely vibrant new registrar consulted us today.

  2. Sounds like good progress Pru (albeit from a bit of a low base!!) keep it up 🙂
    Go well & keep transportation equip at the ready for casual drivers

  3. My gawd Prue, what an ordeal!! … 20 % done, the rest will be behind you in no time! You are surrounded by an amazing support crew, the best! Love, thoughts & hugs from afar every day! xxxxx

  4. Hoping the rest of your treatment goes as well as yesterday!!! Even your blog was short!!!! Thinking of you – xsally

  5. Ha ha Sally. Yes I thought I’d give you all a break from the loooong arduous accounts, but don’t stress, I’m sure I can crank out some more longin’s I just hope they’re based on positive shit instead of the loose negative type 😉

  6. Hey Prudence, just happened to fall across this blog! Can’t say I’m impressed with Tommy the squatter one little bit and can only say good riddance to him. He’ll certainly get no joy from your liver! On a more serious note, we’re so sorry that it has been so long since we have reached out from the “land of the long white cloud”. You & MM are often in our thoughts, particularly when the need for babysitters crops up from time to time – just joking!! I’m sure you would love it; Tristan is now well & truly toilet trained! We will follow your blog and separately look forward to a good natter whenever you are ready. We can WeChat, Facetime, Skype or even call! In the meantime, keep well, love to MM and we know you are in very good hands with friends & family close by. Pete, Jo, Ava, Ash & Tristan.

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