A big fat f’ing gold star 

Thank you very much, a gold star indeedy. And our second meeting with Dr Ooh La La who as of today maybe a reader of this very blog! Faarrrk, embarrassing or what?! I’m still coming down from the stupid fact that I told him about it. What was I thinking? Arrrrrrggghhh. Perhaps it was my post nuked brain? I’m normally gibbering away to a chauffeuring gal pal post nuke, not to a handsome young medic whose sole purpose is to discuss my problematic poohs. Sheesh. Anyway… moving right along…

Did you know we only have ONE treatment left? Yes, that’s right…ONE, ONESIE, ONE. A.Maze.Balls. And if tomorrow is a crap day I won’t care because today was double amazeballs. One hot day it was, I was on fire. Good thing, given it was M’darlink’s birthday. Nothing like spending your birthday accompanying your beloved to a nuking, and an appointment with an Ooh- la-la doctor. I really know how to make a birthday special. 

So…one more sleep…one more morning of water monitoring and phase 1 of the eviction process is done. Complete. Finito. Yee ha, bring on the bubbles! See y’all next week when I’m a little more rested. Perhaps I’ll have a little more energy to harass the bloke to pull his finger out and write something. He says he’s been too busy waiting on some idiot princess who went and got herself a back passage squatter. Phff, what kind of dumb arse princess does that?


10 thoughts on “A big fat f’ing gold star 

  1. Prueee… you sound amazingly bouyant today!!! So wonderful given your trials the past few weeks!!! Go Sister on the lady day!!!… & Bro, looking fwd to you finding time to put your thoughts down now 😘😜🌈… xxx

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