An electrum star day

Can you believe after all these years of being a graphic designer, I have never needed to know the name for the colour that is gold and silver mixed together? It has taken a squatter in my back passage to require me to know it. The term in it’s metal context is Electrum So I have had an Electrum star day – not quite gold and not quite silver but somewhere in between. That makes two consecutive electrum star days (including Friday) and another lucky chauffeur.

Today’s chauffeur was Evie who has flown from Point Lonsdale to BB to come and play carer. We know Evie as our long standing Byron Osteopath who sadly upped and left Byron 15 months ago to be closer to family. Luckily for us, she was in the position to fly back and play nurse and personal domestic helper and it just happened she was also able give me a wee neck treatment to stop a nervous twitch in my upper arm. She’s also the best vegemite sao maker; going hard with the butter and just the right amount of vegemite – mmm, mmm – I’ll make one for you tomorrow Loothey.


7 thoughts on “An electrum star day

  1. things are looking up mitchell. Only 8 more nukes to go and then the only squatter around will be whoever takes over from Evie to occupy the spare bedroom! Yay to all. xx

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