Magic moments are everywhere

Even in squatter-eviction-ville.

I drafted this post weeks ago but today, another magic moment occurred that deserves sharing right here and now – at a GP appointment no less.

Michaela hasn’t been my GP for long but she was the one holding my hand on my journey to squatterville. I haven’t seen her since diagnosis, but she has been on the other end of the phone when needed full of compassion and concern. So, I guess it isn’t surprising that I was a wee bit emotional when she greeted M’darlink and I at today’s catch-up appointment. She has been keeping up with my journey via an apparently rare moment of NSW health efficiency, known as my open case file. It’s updated each time I see or speak with a practitioner and in my case, the communication has been efficient and was in fact up to date.

All care and compassion again, Michaela filled me/us with positivity, commenting on how good I looked and how strong I am for the journey I’ve been on. She appeared genuinely pleased at how I was which overflowed to me in a surprisingly empowering way. She noted my weight loss and encouraged me to listen to my body and what it needs. Little does she know that my body cries out for Peter Darbyshire strength gin and tonic and Philly Pountney sized ice creams. That surely can’t be a good thing? But hey, if the doc says listen to my body, what’s a girl to do?

At the end of the appointment she gave me a big warm hug and when I went to settle the account for the double appointment, we weren’t charged. I floated out of there on a cloud of freshly fluffed up support.

As you all know, there have been many hurdles on this squatter eviction path but with every hurdle there’s been a matching magic moment like today, and like the hurdles, the magic moments have come in all forms.

I’ve had cards arrive in the mail, flowers delivered to the door, tear jerking words scrawled on scrap paper, beautiful heart felt comments on the blog, gifts full of luciousness and practicality, simple texts containing only a rainbow or butterfly, and long texts ending with ‘no need to reply’, tarot cards pulled and read, links to meditations sent, food lovingly cooked and delivered, a bottle of top shelf French bubbles with a note ‘for when there’s something to celebrate’, I’ve even had hot chai placed on the doorstep, a mattress top collected and personally delivered and a car wash offered.

My sister sent me a Gautamalian worry doll, the one that got her through her bloke’s heart attack, it worked for her so she passed it on to me. I’m to pop it under my pillow and pass my worries to her to solve in my sleep. Now if that’s not crying material, what is?

And what about Melb buddies putting their lives on hold to come and play carers – unbelievable – each lending their professional skills as a generous added bonus, eg, fellow designer friend Sandy helping with a job and osteo Eve sorting out my upper arm twitch, let alone my weekly cranio sacral session with Chez who travels across town so I can be in the comfort of home. I even had a home visit haircut from the forever generous Fi. And of course the handful of chauffeurs and the many many more chauffeur offers we didn’t need to take up.

And of course there’s ma and pa. In their early eighties, dropping everything to move in with us in the early weeks of the squatter eviction journey. How fucked life can be… Isn’t it meant to be us looking after them at this stage of life?

The generosity and kindness that has been sent our way both physically and energetically has been heart meltingly overwhelming. I’ve not shed many tears on this journey but when a magic moment lands in my lap, I go to pieces. And it’s all your fault!


24 thoughts on “Magic moments are everywhere

  1. What a beautiful post Mitchell. Magic lives in adversity as they say, and you guys should take the credit for making the magic happen – before squatter and since squatter. Here’s three cheers to you both! 🌈🦋🍀🙏🏻

  2. Dear Prue, I am still somewhat stunned by all that I have read in your blog. Everytime I leave you guys alone for awhile one of you plays up! You realise now that my inner Phyllis will take over and I will be constantly paranoid about your silences!! It sounds like you got a ticket on a really shitty roller coaster – for f***s sake get off the bloody thing!! I do agree with your GP though – you are a strong determined little cookie – you must be to have put up with my brother for so long!. We are all thinking of you down here and curse the fact that we are so far away. It is great to hear that you are surrounded by some really great friends – cherish them as they are hard to find. Best of luck and lots of love for the next stage of this little stumbling block🍷❤ Julie, John and girls

    1. Hi Julie, I feel relieved that you guys now know. I kept asking M if he had called you, in fact in the last few weeks I was telling him I will call if he doesn’t – it was time! I was beginning to worry something was going on at your end…and what if there had been, how would we feel for not being in touch? Yes, it’s a lot to take in which is partly why we weren’t advertising it in the early days. It’s hard enough dealing with it yourself let alone appeasing someone elses shock. The blog has been a very useful tool for that alone. Lovely to hear from you J,J & girls xx

      1. Prue – obviously Mike and I have inherited the same level of communication skills….bugger all. We are extremely good thinkers though…… Mind you don’t let him write too many posts too often as it is still very dry and hot down here and I have only so much waterworks to spare. PS. Your Mum is secretly Wonder Woman – that’s where you get it from💕

  3. Stop It ! A great read, thank you. Amazing hey, how the shittiest of times can deliver the most fabulous and beautiful opportunities and experiences, otherwise left potentially dormant .. ? Lots for us out here to learn and experience through your beautiful sharing and perspective and hilarity and crap and ups and downs. Thank you for taking us with you. Lots of lerve, and also to that brother of the other Julie as well xxx J.

  4. Dearest Prue. You are the reason the magic you describe in your gorgeous post happens. You put it all out there and we love you for it. xo

  5. 😩… I am bawling!
    You deserve every sentiment, every thought, every gift, every everything my dear beautiful friend, because you would do no less in return, this is your chance to see how special you are in the eyes of all your friends & family … that’s what true friendships are!

  6. Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. I didn’t mean to make you cry! It’s simply the truth, every single one of you have contributed in some powerful way. The support we feel cannot go unacknowledged, it’s truly amazing. The squatter is gonna hate you all for making me stronger. xx

  7. Hey Prudence, a stiff gin & tonic could be coming your way! It does work wonders, hence a glass a day! I thought our tribe of 3 could be another form of tonic……..they’ll keep you busy & laughing! Your words are an inspiration to us all; keep up the bloody fight! Whilst we haven’t seen you & MM for toooo long, you guys & the special place you live are often in our thoughts……XX00

  8. ❤️❤️❤️…. now I wanna bawl Prue….Bloody hell… not a good look when I’m about to start work… may the LOVE, Light and support continue… and may the squatter continue to shrivel up and go away….. sending more heartfelt hugs your way… 😊🌹🌻🌺🌈🍒xxxx

  9. Phew I’ve got tears streaming down my face, crying is amazingly cathartic…….You guy’s are truly beautiful inside and out, squatter beware eviction is close at hand

    love you both heaps

  10. Gorgeous Prudence – you are & have always been such a shinning light, filled with love and passion. I’m sending you the most positive white healing light and lots of love and to Michael as well. Life is so unpredictable, fragile and so precious – your blog fills me with gratitude.
    We miss you guys – it’s been too long between some good chat. Can we call tomorrow (Sunday) around 3pm your time?
    Love to you Jo-jo x

    1. Hey Jo Jo, yes it’s been too long but hey, we’re all busy and have a big watery ditch between us that shouldn’t but does create a wee barricade. Yesterday was a nice attempt at a call but my bowel and technology threw a spanner in the works so lets try again next weekend. Ta for your beautiful message xx

  11. Hey Mitchell Chick. The squatter stands no chance against ‘ the doll’ I didn’t realise that Harry had broken out the big gun. Add a Darbs bucket of G&T and life will be good. See your face soon. Stay the course my friend – you are the real deal Prue T’Other Michael

    1. Thanks t’other Michael, yes the big gun is getting quite a work out at the mo. She’s quite a comfort. Looking forward to seeing you in a few more sleeps xx

  12. Ah, magic – grab it wherever, whenever and as much as you can! You deserve it in bucket loads given the ordeal you’ve been going through. Hope the week ahead is a good one. Thanks for sharing all the updates.

  13. Gorgeous Prudence – you are & have always been a shinnng light and bubble of passion & love. Sending you the most positive healing light and so much love and that goes for Michael too!
    We do miss you guys so much – it’s been too long.
    Can we catch up over the phone tomorrow – how’s 3pm your time work for you!
    Life is so unpredictable, fragile and so pericious – our experiences, people we love and people who love us is everything. We love you – Jo-jo

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