Bag Business

I’m sure you will all be pleased to know the surgeon did make an appearance at my recent ‘open for inspection’. Thankfully his anaesthetist turned up too so I didn’t have to experience the humiliation of my arse being inspected by a crowd. And there was in fact a crowd – a very nice caring crowd I might add but a crowd none the less. Cripes, for someone who feared any kind of GP appointment, let alone any orifices being inspected, I’ve sure had to get over that in a hurry. My private parts are no longer private so please feel free to let me know if you’d like to take a peek sometime, you’ve all been so supportive it’s the least I can do 😜.

So onto the bag business…

It’s good to know I’m not the only pooh-bag-lady-to-be on the planet. Thanks to Trace and cousin Peta for the links ( to other loud and proud pooh bag peeps, (thanks gals, I’ve subscribed to both blogs) and to Sandy for the Etsy heads up and to Judoir for fabric samples for potential pooh bag covers. Sandra also kindly offered to add pooh bag covers to her CV – she currently creates patterns for cycling wear so I’m sure I can trust her with the active-wear pooh bag range. And Vicstar… what can I say? You truly crack me up.

Samples of what I’m in for

Gosh, what good hands I’m in for an assortment of fashionable pooh bag covers? Brilliant. Good to know that box is ticked. Now I just need to confirm the installation date of April 27. Gulp. That’s a week away, farrrk.

Pre-emptively I received a call today from yet another recruit to the squatter eviction task force team, enter Bill Tyrell, stoma nurse. I bet none of you have one of them. Yes, another personal medical practitioner on my team batting for me. It’s Bill’s job to mark X is the spot for the makeover component of the eviction, the beautification bit if you like. Once the surgeon has removed the squatter, creating an additional gaping hole where there isn’t meant to be one, it’s Bills job to patch up and add the finishing touches. He’ll attach the much talked about bag and teach me how to use it, holding my hand in hospital and beyond. Phew. This is obviously all so foreign I’m already grateful for Bill and haven’t even met him yet.

Well that’s not exactly true. During the radiation therapy treatment, M and I passed this man who looked vaguely familiar. He was super friendly and nodded a hello as we passed. For the five weeks of treatment we wracked our brains as to where we may have seen/met this chap and tried desperately to recall his name. The mystery was solved after asking one of the radiation nurses – as it turns out, Bill is the stoma nurse for the Northern Rivers and he had marked an X on M’darlink before his surgery ten years ago! During my phone chat with Bill we discussed having met ten years ago and he thinks he remembers us, amazing or what? So, we will meet again next Thursday at 6.30 am when I’m told to wear what I normally wear so he can determine the most convenient and comfortable position to place my new buddy, the pooh bag. F’king hell, tis getting very real now.

Julie G asked how my head is, with my reply being – it’s messy but good. I don’t like the idea of going to hospital for two long weeks but I’m not liking the idea of the alternatives either. The pooh bag thang is not fazing me too much although who knows what will play out once the bag and I have bonded. If we don’t get along, it’ll be a complete disaster. Of course my biggest concern at the moment is WHAT WILL I WEAR during my hospital stay?! Given how little I usually wear to bed, bed wear has not been a high priority. Farrrk. Once I’ve got my head around that, my next concern will be WHAT WILL MY BAG WEAR but I think Melb buddy Judoir has that covered. Phew, one less thing to think about. Thankfully, I don’t have to think about foot wear, nor accessories, as a certain pooh bag will have it’s debut as my hero accessory piece which I sincerely hope doesn’t get stage fright!


9 thoughts on “Bag Business

  1. Your posts always inspire me Mitchell. There’s such a positive energy and generosity in your writing. And in creating this community of support around you, you’ve enabled us to contribute in the smallest of ways, as well as be informed. Legend! x

  2. Still trying to get my head around this but in the spirit of things, I’m see covers with cute pussy cats – rather fat ones to be accurate. In fact why not extend it to a digital print range of covers with the faces of all those that are near and dear to you. That way, without having to say anything to any of us, one glance will tell us if we’re ‘in the pooh’ with you. I’m back now so will give you a yell. xxx

  3. Have just spent some time with Bagladymamma and Sobadass swatting up. I now have a little bit more of an idea… YOU ROCK PM. And your fancy designer pooh-bags will go viral because: a) they will look so wild; b) they will be made with such inspiring positive energy and heartfelt love.
    Huge hugs xo

    PS. Loving those fabulous psychedelic pants in the middle pic.

  4. Glad you liked bagladymama, a link to other loud and proud pooh bag peeps! Mamamia did an article on her last year. I was chatting to the journalist who did the interview while I was giving her a flu shot! Such an inspirational lady. I am sure you are counting down the days until the Op Prue but I know all will go well. I hope you have the hospital attire sorted? Surely there is one of Florries old nighties floating around!!?? 😜We are all thinking of you and send much love. Pxxx💗💕

  5. Hey Prue….

    Thanks for once again keeping us in your ‘Pooh-loop’….I always tend to cling that saying ‘with every door that closes another opens up’…. if only not on one’s body… but hey, this IS YOUR best option. I’m GRATEFUL for the potential outcome……I’m also looking forward to welcoming your ‘new mate’…. I think we need to have a ‘naming’ please Prue…. 😉 – What say??!! F…k off squatter/bag naming tea party…..

    Perhaps not what you’re thinking of right now…. The quandary of ‘wear what you normally wear’ bloody hell… that’d have be stumped. In terms of you Pruester…. bloody hell what would that be…mmmm well, ‘not a lot’ at times, sometimes a little ‘hipster-ish’…however depending on the ocassion that could also be a bit ‘HIGH waister-ish’ too. All up… Bill the Bag Man is sounding like a VERY likeable chap…..

    Hospital wear…. I somehow can’t see you in a ‘onesie’ Prue and nor do I want to with ALL due respect. Just NOT practical darlink…..

    ALL up I look forward to seeing you soon… with or without your new accessory piece in place. You WILL nail this one I know Prue……. ‘Stanley The Stoma’ or ‘Billy The Bag’ – I look forward to meeting you too mate cause you’ll be me mates new mate – einit mate 🙂 xxxxx

    This time next year this will be behind you like some kinda BAD ARSE THANG……… xx

    Love, hugs, tugs and more xx

  6. Whow just been checking out the blog links, as you know I’m not much good at social media but after looking at those I’m starting to get how amazing and supportive they can be. Your wonderful blog has helped me to come to grips with what’s happening to you. I know that sound selfish but we each have to learn how to deal with unexpected and frankly scary new things even when there not happening to us, so I just want to say a big thanks to both you and Mick for being so open and honest, it is truely the most generous act I’ve ever been privileged to receive.

  7. Touche’ Vicky Attenborough, Prue and I were just having a conversation about that exact thing the other day! We are all in this together with her!
    I’ve just been up to see Prue in Byron, she’s simply amazing! Sorry Prue, talking about you in the 3rd person, but you ARE amazing & the dearest bestie!
    And its comforting to know that you and Michael are surrounded by such a wonderful network of true friends!
    We’re all in for a new experience here, and dare I say, dearest Prue, you may not be the only one over time who experiences this tumor bitch of a thing! We have a lot to learn from your brave-ness and open-ness.
    To everyone out there, Prue inspires me so very much, the quote by Elizabeth Edwards is apt … “She stood in the storm & when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails” … with eloquence, dignity, albeit with a slight hint of fear but always with a layer of invited humor! Dear Prue, my thoughts will be with you & Michael too, every minute this week. Looking forward to hearing updates … love you … Tanxxxx

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