Two more sleeps 

Stoma stoma stoma. Read read read, inform inform inform, freak freak freak. Two more sleeps. Shit. And shitting I am – liquid no thanks to the rigorous FOUR DAYS of bowel prep that’s required for surgery. Strangely MM didn’t have to go through this prep pre his surgery. Is this yet another hurdle I am being delivered? Or is it simply a progressive change in the method of bowel surgery prep? Two days of low residue/fibre – think only white light coloured food eg fish and spuds for dinner – followed by two days of liquids only. Tomorrow, the last day of the prep, is going to be hell, my stomach already feels like it’s turning on itself. At least today I could still have a cappuccino and other milky drinks, I could even have custard. I didn’t because M’darlink made a delicious Asian style chicken bone broth which I figured offered a tad more nutrition. I probably should have made some custard at least I’d feel fullish and the eggs would have had protein. Damn, I didn’t think that through. It may also have helped with my headspace which is struggling with what now looks like a prisoner of war body and ain’t gonna improve with the addition of a scar and external pooh accessory.  Thankfully we have some pretty awful tasting protein powder in the pantry that we add to smoothies… think I better rise above the poxy vanilla taste and mix some in milk before I depress you all. Fuck fuck fuck. 


13 thoughts on “Two more sleeps 

  1. Geez … one day of fasting for me is literally all I have been able manage, but FOUR is a marathon. You’re being tested on many fronts Mitchell, and rising to all of them in this battle. And with MM making bone broth, and helping with research, you’re in the best hands. But who would have thought you’d ever be regretting passing up custard! That’s new territory indeed. We can compare scars in a few weeks, but remember mine is on my neck, and no amount of aging can hide it. But I don’t care, and nor will you. You’re a star, a legend, and you’re gonna be on the other side of this really soon. So much love to you . . . xxx

  2. Big hugs to you both. You’ve both been amazing. What an inspiration! I will see you on the other side with contraband foodstuffs and a hug. Go well and know that you have all our love backing you up. xxx

  3. What to say Pruliscious…………………..I’m obviously stuck for words…………….I know, I know it would be the first time!
    I’m in Lismore all day tomorrow so should you need me for anything at all just get Mickle pickle to text……….yes I will have my phone in my pocket at all times.
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful face on the other side of this nightmare hang in girl friend almost there.

  4. Oh Prue, I am sure that it has been a very long day for you…and for your stomach! I would have gone for a big bowl of custard too, we are definitely related👯 Totally understand that you have so much to think about and it is all a bit overwhelming 😳But just think that tomorrow is one day closer to your recovery. Make the most of the painkillers and get plenty of rest while you can. We are here for you and Michael anytime. Will be thinking of you soooo much especially tomorrow. Sending much love Pxxx💕💕

  5. Hey Prue… My heart goes out to YOU (and Mick of course)…. I can only HOPE that once this stage of ‘the buggery’ is over you’ll be able to find a way along a new path …… your physical strength will return… Your inner strength is amazing Prue…. Keep on keeping on…sending LOVE and healing hugs xxxx

  6. Fuck, fuck, fuck doesn’t even begin to cover this. Here’s what I’m hoping for you… a surgeon who can sew so neatly that they will give the CWA a run for their money; a well above average recovery time and above all a swift return to a new ‘normal’. If anyone can do it without missing a beat, it will be you. Much love and enthused waving to you both xXXX

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