Chemo – round 2

Well there was something ironically wrong about round 2 and it all began with over achieving Vic being my caring chemo companion. Vic was clearly a Girl Guide in a past life or perhaps even an SES volunteer, she covers all bases at all times. On the unique occasion there might be a silence between us, she packed a basket full of entertainment and, get this, there was not device to be seen. There were tarot cards, magazines, books, croissants, nuts, and even a scratchy ticket. Seriously, who else would bring a long a scratchy? Anyhow below is a wee vid and some pics to give you a snapshot of our day. Be warned, the vid is the raw unedited, unscripted version for 2 mins of amusement. 

Blog vid 2 – chemo #2

Cherub Kylie angelically wrapped her wings around me for the second time. 

A yummy lunch of mussels and fries at Bangalow pub after. Not a drop of alcohol passed our lips yet others thought we were pissed with all the cackling. 


7 thoughts on “Chemo – round 2

    1. Looks like so much fun. But it seems inappropriate to even suggest it could be so. Keep up the laughter and the attitude. It’s working!

  1. GO Vicky…Sounds like a regular market event with medical hardware, without the vegetables or coffee. Never mind, not a trip to the market after all 😉 The pair of you look like you were having way too much fun for it to be a chemo trip! Wavin’ xXXX

  2. Vic is such a GOOOOOD EGGGGG…..;-) Full of imagination as ever. Glad the morning went well Prue and the two of you enjoyed some food and fun after ‘the chemo trip’…..Keep on laughing xxxx

  3. Mop mop mop. Drink, chat, mop, scratch, chat, mop, read, chat. Chat, chat, chat, mop, mop, mop. #2 done. Onya. Xxxx

  4. 2 Chemo down✅, very fancy China Tea cups- not like the old hospital ones ✅Company & entertainment ✅Yummy lunch✅ What more could you want Prue? Looking good too! Pxxx💗💗💗

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