Totally baked

One of the things I’m learning from this journey is to never ever be cocky. But hey one also needs celebrate when the opportunity arises cos very few have been presented in the last 5 weeks. So celebrate we did – last night with my folks for M’darlink’s birthday and again tonight for end of treatment. And wow will I celebrate. The day got off to a very dodgy start dragging my last day of treatment on and on. We didn’t get home till 5.30 after a scheduled 12 o’clock nuking. Eeek! there’s no point boring you with the details cos it’s a well trodden path suffice to say diarrhoea and bladder filling simply do not marry up. Arrrggh. Not that old chestnut again, yawn. 

The dodgy start was pain driven beginning with diarrhoea and nuking side effects colliding. The nuking side effects play out in three different ways: 1) burning where you don’t want burning to occur, 2) excoriation very close to the burning site, and 3) a haemorrhoid also at the burning site. Yep, I scored a trifecta. Fab. 

Vic, replacing chauffeur Chez today, who sadly came down with a cracker of a sore throat through the week and was forced reluctantly, to relinquish her driving duties on the very last day. Poor Chez. I hope you’re feeling better miss Chez.

 To be continued when I’m less baked 😊


3 thoughts on “Totally baked

  1. Congratulations Prue on completing your treatment and a big Happy Birthday to Michael, 2 very good reasons to celebrate 🎉🎈🎂🍾. I hope you are able to relax a bit more now without as many long trips to the hospital. But will you be able to cope without as many Sao’s???? Xxx😘

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