Home and in heaven 

Reacquainting with the fatties. Tills up close and personal while Boze prefers bonding from afar in his man puss cave
Sorry non animal people but rest assured this is just a morning thing, they sleep in the garage overnight

Home has a crystal colourful clarity about it. Pre hospital, I could only see dirty windows, weeds, stained carpet and cobwebs. In time I’m sure that’ll return but for now the beautiful autumn sunshine and the bliss of being home is providing a joyous glossy sheen to my home coming and new normal. OMG it’s good to be home.

I’ve been reading through all the comments to our recent posts and am blown away by the support you have all diligently and generously offered. This blog has turned out to be way more beneficial than I could have imagined. It’s inception was based on keeping you all informed in an efficient spray bulletin manner, never could I have anticipated the strength and support I/we’ve gained from your humour and heartfelt thoughts – that was certainly not on the radar at all – but wow, what an incredibly beneficial powerful bonus that has taken us both by complete surprise.

And to those of you not brave enough to leave comments (which I totally get) and instead sent sneaky emails and texts signing off with ‘please do not reply’? Well what can I say but a big fat thanks for your passionate desire to find an alternative way to connect, they meant a lot.

So, what’s it like being home? How am I bonding with my new buddy?

That’s a whole other post. Stay tuned 😊.


11 thoughts on “Home and in heaven 

  1. There ain’t nothing like being at home! You’re looking content & fresh. That feeling of re-emerging is very, very sweet. May it last a long, long time!

  2. You are also glowing my dear friend. So wonderful to see you out the other side of this journey. Will catch up soon.

  3. Glad you are home and in the safety of that little paw I see resting so gently on your shoulder…. Not to mention the other home support you have of course….. Enjoy being in YOUR nest… the rest will follow xx Nurture mind, body and soul……xx

  4. Gosh if Bose and Till could type? great to have you home Mitchell. Thank you for the blog. Its been a gift in so many ways for all of us. Lotsa love and stuff. 🙂 xxx

  5. Home sweet home ! I’m sure Mike is happy to have you home big time….as well as your fur babies. Dirty windows, weeds and cobwebs – Prue you must have the same home decorator as me😜 I have established they are actually a necessity to hold your house together 🤓
    Wishing you a speedy recovery❤️

  6. Welcome home Prue, there is no place like home. Your bed certainly looks more cosy than a hospital bed, especially with your bed buddy🐱. I am sure your cats will help with the healing! So good to see you looking so relaxed. Love from us all. Pxxx💕💕

  7. Finally…………..now we can get back to our coffee morning chats!!! Sssooooooooooooooooooo good to see you home love the v and p

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