Onwards, upwards and still breathing

What an amazing few days it’s been. H&M have been here but just before their arrival we had an appointment with the now singular oncologist James Bull, who like surgeon Austin Curtin, appears to be very happy with my chemo progress. I’m not sure how to respond to his happiness given I don’t want to be doing it at all. James is happy at how few side effects I’m experiencing which is a good thing but I don’t want any side effects, zero thanks, none.

James bull - 1
Meet James Bull, toxin doctor

So far, they’ve only lasted a week but they’re likely to be accumulative and could last longer at the next round. One of them is a bit scary and takes all my strength to not panic. It’s the airway thing, you know the one where you feel like it’s closing over and you can’t breathe? No? Well as you can imagine, it’s far from fun. It happened as I was getting into the lift post treatment #2. Vic displayed immense concern and I couldn’t even speak to explain what was happening. Several hours –  I mean seconds later, I composed myself and in a deep wobbly voice I didn’t recognise, explained what had just happened. Vic, forever supportive, pointed out that we were in the best place should anything more dramatic occur as we hadn’t left the hospital yet. Fab but what’s more dramatic than not being able to breathe and more to the point, how unfair to come this far and be taken out by the very treatment that’s meant to save me?

The non breathing and deep-wobbly voice thing happened two more times within the hour but fortunately, way more mildly than the first time, phew. The stupid thing was, I clean forgot to mention it to James when we saw him. We went through the pins and needles, the cold, the potential numbness etc but I was too busy sulking that I forgot to mention the wee blocked airway thing. Duh. Anyhow Mr chemo dude is way chuffed that I’m responding so well… even says I’m currently his most successful patient. I think he thinks I should be happy about this too. I’ll be happy when I don’t have to see him anymore, no offence James, you’re an alright guy and all but…

Meantime back at the ranch, H&M arrive and as predicted with all the necessary Prue (& Michael) pleasers which not surprisingly all begin with ‘ch’. No prizes for guessing what they are; champagne, chocolate and cheese – French, Haighs and Gruyere respectively. Naturally after consuming such things one is keen to work them off and as predicted a lighthouse walk was promptly put on the weekend agenda.

With Haley being the only one remotely ‘stairs-fit’ from her ongoing squash training and regular pilates it was going to be a challenge for the rest of us, particularly Easty (Haley’s Michael) given he only has 40% of his heart functioning. Whoa, and I thought it was going to be tough for me! Miraculously, we all completed it successfully with Easty’s ticker still ticking and me ticking a rather overwhelmingly joyous milestone box.

Thanks H&M for a sensational weekend and Easty for surviving the stairs and still managing to have the where withal to play photographer not to mention sommelier.

Ta dah!



4 thoughts on “Onwards, upwards and still breathing

  1. Apart from concern at the blocked airway thingy, (can you just put a all through to JB and ask over the phone if its okay to not be able to breathe rather than wait another few weeks before checking in with him? Jaysus!), so excited to hear about the walk and the milestone-ticking. Look at you, all smiles at the top. You’re a star Mitchell, and I don’t care if you and everyone else reading this blog is sick of me telling you that! But I’m just as excited to hear Hayley might be playing squash again. What a pair you two blisters are! Inspiring! x

  2. Yum….champagne chocolate and cheese! Sounds like we came a week too early….
    Prue, your not-very-pleasant-and-quite scary side effect sounds somewhat like me trying to do your lighthouse trail! Great job on the trek – you are amazing 💕

  3. Sounds like a beautiful weekend with H&M, not to mention the weather! I am impressed that you did the lighthouse climb and still smiling at the top😀.
    The blocked airway feeling not a nice experience for you….just a thought, I remember some patients experiencing strange sensations after having some types of anti nausea medication after Chemo. Their anti nausea medication was changed to Ondansetron which sometimes helped. I might be on the wrong track but might be worth asking your Doctor before your next treatment.
    In the meantime relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. You deserve it 😘Xxx

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