A really shitty day

My dear friend Judoir has kindly provided the following rating chart, which I’ve only glanced at because I’m too knackered to take it in after a hideous couple of days of epic pooh failure management. This post is consequently very short and shitty because I had to draw on strength I didn’t know I had, to prevent both bladder and bowel from opening – in the car, at the nuke station and associated waiting rooms, potentially causing the treatment to be called off. The constant clenching has wiped me out. So for me, it’s a 5 star day.

Prues 5 star rating copy


5 thoughts on “A really shitty day

  1. Sorry to hear you are having such a challenging time, just remember you are a very powerful woman. Sending love and lots of light. Xxxxx

  2. A shit day at the office P, crikey, not to mention bloody exhausting no doubt. If it wasn’t so shitty, I would make some wisecrack about Donald having to get that tarp out after all, but perhaps not on this occasion. Lots of love xxx

    1. Ha, funny Julie, I meant to mention exactly that about the tarp but I was soooo frigging tired – tears tired – I clean forgot 😣 Oh well, perhaps I can make up for it tomoz and ‘accidently’ soil just for the fun of it 😜

  3. Unable to leap into a gift wisecrack re Donald, OK, this is serious ! Hopefully another gold star day today as you inch through the week and the percentage scale and the squattocracy moves on out … xxx

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