A gold star day!

Ok kiddie winks… I was sad and sorry for myself yesterday but today is a new day and I’ve been on fire! And the best part? It wasn’t my ring this time.

Oh my, what a difference a day makes. I was tears-tired last night and couldn’t even make a wise crack about Donald needing to proceed with his tarp order (refer to comments and thanks J for the inspiration) but today is a whole new day so watch out Donald… I may just play a little pooh joke tomorrow just to keep your chauffeuring duties interesting.

My question is; how can two days be sooooo different? I awoke today fully refreshed and without going into the nitty gritty of what plopped into the porcelain bowl, simply accept that it put a smile on my dial and provided immense relief. Phew. So essentially there’s nothing to report today other than it was a gold star day! Yayyyy. And to top it off, Ms Meals on Wheels delivered a sensational Middle Eastern salad of wild rice and middle easterny bits for the week. Go Loothey, you’re the best.

PS happy big five-oh Trace. And for some toilet humour on your birthday… I hope your day was a porcelain plopping success too. Happy birthday xx

Not relevant to today’s post but Sandy thought I should post a pic of some of my in-house support crew



6 thoughts on “A gold star day!

  1. …. but the sun is out again so everybody sing along now…………..

    what a difference a day makes,
    24 little hours,
    for the sun and showers and the difference is pooooh

    Gladdis knight and the Pips move over the Prulicious Poop Support Band has just formed!!!!!

    Sooooooooo happy you had a better day darlink girl, see you Thursday for a catch up.

  2. Keep looking for the ‘like’ button.
    Yay for gold star days, here’s to more of them!
    Yay for in-house support crew!
    xxx 🙂 xxx

  3. Cat’s ALWAYS make everything better! Prue, looking very relaxed there, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’d just had a session with Karl! … Michael where are you? Ha ha… familiar pillow case there too!

  4. Hey Pruuuulooooo I lost the lost the link to squatter updates in my travels …. Obviously back onto the Poo path trails…. YAY 😊…. It almost a sounds wrong yet feels so right…. I NEED to know how things are flowing or plopping for you…. THANK YOU for thinking of me when you have so much to deal with in your own porcelain bowl….. Texture on my end has been somewhat ordinary let me tell you and all on this blog…. 🙄💩…. Clearly lacking on the fibre front. You know I like a good pooooo chat … Back on track and happy to be so… UP DAYS sure beat the SHITE ones … Good to see the fur keep dos around ya mate 🌻🌻🌻❤️❤️❤️Xxxx

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