From high to low and back to high

Just had my first proper walk at our local beach, man it felt good. H&M are visiting this weekend and I figure they’ll want to do the lighthouse which I need to get in shape for if I’m to join them. So I started with my local walk which is a flatty beach one but was so good to step it out. I doubt I’ll be able to do the lighthouse stairs but I’m sure to give part of it a red hot go.

Life is good again after a slump last week when I exhausted myself socially. We had an unusually busy weekend of social invitations that neither of us wanted to say no to. And when I say busy, I mean Friday night busy, Saturday and night busy, a long Sunday birthday lunch followed by a long Monday family lunch with M’s sister and family who diverted their trip to Cairns (from Shepparton) to see us. It was full-on for the former fit P&M let alone a recovering P and the full-time caring M.

It has been so long since we’ve been invited anywhere, let alone fit and well enough to attend anything that the opportunities were too desirable to decline. Sadly, it set me back and I was horizontal and mentally flat for a lot of last week. Everything got to me then… the frigging pins and needles in my fingers and right arm (thanks to the IV chemo) and having to use a tea towel to get anything out of the fridge. Anything cold sets the pins and needles off in a static-electric-shock kind of way and consequently set me off with the grumpy- irritable-sads. I was not happy and the unhappier I got, the harder life became. By Thursday I gave myself a good talking to and dragged myself out of bed to meet Vic for a coffee and wow was that therapy. What a star is our Vicstar, she helped me turn the corner to positivity again. What a legend. From that moment on I kicked goals again.

The upside of a slump it seems, is it makes you appreciate even more, the good times which have fortunately stuck around. Thank goodness because I don’t do mentally flat very well at all. Does anyone?


9 thoughts on “From high to low and back to high

  1. You have been a busy girl, no wonder you had a bit of a slump! I think you are entitled to as many slumps as you need after your journey. I know I don’t do mentally flat well either, maybe it is a Mitchell thing!! I am sure you will be flying high again with your positive attitude & with H&M coming too town😀😀😀😀Enjoy your walks, I am sure the sun is shining🌞🌞xxxx

  2. You’re so wonderfully in-touch with your rhythms. Keep doing whatever you’re doing, finding your limits along the way. What an inspiration you are. xxxx

    1. Takes an inspiration to know an inspiration AP! Been thinking about you lots, wondering how you’re going with the movie star 😀I’ll drop you a line later today xx

  3. We love you Vicstar! Where would Michael and Prue be without your constant friendship and support. The coffees, the chats, the scratchies? Thank Jaysus you’re there. You’re amazing! Thank you. Completely understand how you can overdo it Mitchell, and maybe you needed to give it a whirl when you’re feeling so good. But lesson learned . . . the lighthouse is a big ask . . . but it’s not going anywhere so . . . just listen to your bod and pace yourself. If not this weekend, another. Lotsa love and stuff. xxx

  4. Loving your honesty PM. And digging deep. And reaching out. And embracing positive support from dear friends and family. Go girl go. With much love ❤️

  5. That Prue girl ran me up the light house path this morning with a ‘oh shall we go a little further’ routine, following her tail feather up those steps nearly did me in and her ladyship barely broke a sweat still, a red face and embarrassing wheezing means I get to see the Prulicous well and truly back to her old self and that’s worth any amount of pain.

  6. Hello darlin. Been awhile since I checked in here. That delicate balance of ” want ” vs ” need ” .. takes some Mastery . I’m certainly not brilliant at it 😉 Keep testing the edge , just not so it hurts. Love you Pru xxxo

  7. Hey Prue….. Glad to hear you’re up and about doing your ‘thang’ whilst finding your limits along the way….You’re right… ‘mentally flat” ain’t good for anyone. Glad Vic was in the wings to set you straight and put you back on that upward path…. both the mental and lighthouse one. Keep on keeping on… with little rest breaks as you go. Sending love and hugs your way……xx

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