Poohing without weeing – your challenge for the next 5 weeks

I’m a big water drinker so I’m way surprised when I’m told I need to drink more before each radiation treatment. I diligently drank 1200 ml en route to today’s appointment thinking that’d be plenty but the fucking bladder-fullness-tester tells me I’m only registering 100 and need to be 350-400. I’m not sure what measuring units they’re using but I clearly need to lift my game if I want each appointment to be snappy tom. So today I’m tested and told we’ve gotta wait 15 mins for the water I’ve already consumed to reach the bladder. Meantime I work really hard at not giving my bowel any attention for fear of a repeat of yesterdays delightful poohing purge. If I empty my bowel, I’m sure to empty my bladder too – I simply don’t have the control I use to have, although I can’t ever recall poohing without weeing anyway. It’s not something I’ve ever given much thought to… I mean, is it even possible?

It took three attempts, another litre of water and 2.5 extra hours before the treatment could be carried out. Ten minutes later we were done.

Home now and feeling shagged, work will have to be pushed out for yet another day.


7 thoughts on “Poohing without weeing – your challenge for the next 5 weeks

  1. The insight meditation tapes I’ve got for you might help, they work on training the mind to concentrate of specific phenomena ie poohing without weeing. Worth a try

  2. You forced me to hit Google Prue… thanks for making my day….. gonna focus on things a lot more ‘when dropping the kids off at the pool’…. hope you have a better day today 🌻

  3. Lordy, food for thought Mitchell . . . been experimenting, and its not conclusive yet. hhave all teh family teying to come up with a definitive answer, not just we ‘over 50’ losers. 🙂

  4. I’m starting to think I may have to transport you next week wrapped in a shower curtain and stashed in the back of my wagon. Pooing without weeing? Impossible!

  5. Ha ha, very funny you lot! Love the ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’ line Trace and very pleased you’ve got the fam-damily on board Sandy. Let me know when you have something conclusive! Thanks for the shower curtain consideration Loothey, lucky your aircon is uber cold… I’d be a shrivelled sweaty prune otherwise! NB: I did a spot of seeing editing 😜

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