M’bloke thinks I’ve turned a corner 

I sure did… right into a wall of fart. This is what he has to say…

Despite the inevitable trauma associated with this journey there has at least been one glorious, unexpected upside. Last night, after consuming a particularly delicious chillie, chicken and basil dish, kindly prepped by mum in law, Jude, I discreetly broke some serious wind in bed during the wee hours. Had I produced this particular effort in the pre-squatter era, it would have resulted in an outburst to rival Julia Gillard’s shredding of Sir Tosser Tony Abbott, however, on this occasion my bed-buddy leapt out of the sac and made a mad dash for the loo. After about 30 seconds she returned and I asked what happened. 

With her bowel in such a precarious state she thought she had done a follow through in her sleep, oblivious to the fact that the stench was entirely my creation. That’s surely an upside to this mindfuck of a situation, not only lack of detection but a totally successful shafting of responsibility. 

Top support there Darlink! Of all the people to read this post, I predict Global (Andrew Egan) to piss himself the most. So thanks in advance for your support too Global. 


13 thoughts on “M’bloke thinks I’ve turned a corner 

  1. Jaysus! As if you don’t have enough to deal with you have Michael kicking you out of bed in the middle of the night!
    LOL! Clearly Michael is trying to tell you something . . . that he’s bowel has feelings too . . .

  2. Prue, I read that just as I was meeting a client, I couldn’t explain why I had tears running down my cheeks!
    You’re a legend national, it seems there’s no limit to the generosity and support that you’re willing to provide, I can only hope it’s apprecIated. Global.

  3. MM you are one very funny boy…
    However if Tinhead had tried such a caper I would have pulverized him. Your chick is a far far better person than I.

  4. He, he, he, perfect visualisation of the moment (having loved many a blasto follow through) Glad i’ve caught up on all the blogs…..well the last 5 anyway….do I have to read all of them? I just picked up a new book from the library……..love ya face and more chai / chocs coming your way xxxx

    1. Ha ha, I’m not forcing you to read anything you dag, however, consider yourself now up to date with my date without reading anymore. Ta for the random chai’s – love them, you and our associated chats. xx

  5. A tad belated response as for some reason I’d stopped getting alerts!… however laugh I did!… very funny story… Prueeee … now I know farts are fair game when I come to visit!… I’ll enjoy that ambiguous silent moment of ‘who done dat! … 🤣🤣🤣
    Please try to eat won’t you 🌈💕…

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