No news can sometimes be not good news 

This is a quickie to inform you all… Pooh bag here we come! What more to say? Start designing the ‘designer’ version? Approach Nike with a range of active wear designs incorporating integrated phone and pooh pockets? Approach Prada, Gucci, Louie Vuitton? Jeepers, what’s a girl to do? 

Seriously though, I have to be ok with the less than ideal outcome because it’s now the shitty reality – A full of literal shit reality. Details of the new normal, will be appearing soon at a screen near you – cos some of us are simply too knackered to go there now. 


16 thoughts on “No news can sometimes be not good news 

  1. Well girlie we knew there was a reason for you not giving up on design all those years ago, imagine trying to fashion a pooh bag out of seed pods………….bloody uncomfortable if you ask me.

    We’re up for loads of design brainstorming sessions at the pub for the new range, living in the Bryon bubble lends itself to many marketing ideas, how about an ergonomic, environmentally sustainable, biodegradable, solar powered, recyclable (yeah well maybe a bit of a challenge) T.H.C. infused, accessory bag finished in ethically sourced, spray free, permaculture friendly, hemp…………….Well its a start.

    As you can tell we’re fully on-board and with you all the way as always nothing can make a difference to how we love you both heaps and heaps and heaps.

    Catch up when we’re back from Tenters, Tuesday for coffwa maybe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Geez! If anyone can make it work you can. And the world is better with you in it regardless of your ‘accessories’. Thanks for posting the update when it was surely the last thing you felt like doing after such a long and difficult day. You’re amazing Mitchell. Love to you and Michael. Xx

  3. Oh wow Prue, how does one find matching shoes to go with that?! I’m always up for a new career challenge, when you’re done brain storming with Vicky, let me know so I can add pooh bags to my CV! I’m with Sandy, if anyone can make this work, you can! Much waving over the roof tops to you both xXXX

  4. You have got this Prue Mitchell and you will own it and we will all be right there with you and MM all the way. Huge hugs and love. Always

  5. Oh Prue, not what you were hoping for but I know you will take the bull by the horns & deal with it as best as you can.😄Here is a link to Bag lady mama who seems to have the same humourous and positive attitude towards her colostomy as you do. My girlfriends 20year old daughter found it really helpful when she had her colostomy.
    Sending much love and positive thoughts from us all during this next step towards recovery. Xxx💕💕

  6. Bugger, bugger, bugger!! But as long as my cuz is still around that is all that matters. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Joe and I. 😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Darling, my thoughts are with you. If you need a hand at first, managing your pain in the fucking arse bag, Lady, just give me a holler. Lots of experience with my nursing background and my Dad. They can be tricky little suckers at times!
    On another note, thanks for letting me take your Darlink away from you last week……he saved my bacon, i can tell you. Very clever! I could not have finished the project without him. So thanks Pru.
    Much love xxxx

  8. Shit. Fuck. Bugger. But we’ll take you alive and well and around for a lot, lot longer with any sort of bag. Travelling home tomorrow. Sending you big love from the place of the disappearing undies (insider joke). xxx

    1. Hey Barb, I’ve so been thinking about you. Been meaning to touch base since you were one of the first to hear of my squatter news, yet I was too out of sorts to see you when you were visiting our neck of the woods. So glad you’ve got onto the blog to now know it wasn’t you! xx

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