Phase three, here we come

I’ve got no idea how my third attempt with the video post went but figure that little exercise is a tad too time consuming for a quick update on phase three. Below is the usual written version…

Just back from our appointment with James Bull the Chemo dude. Yes, today was an important day determining the strength and time of chemo. The good news is, in terms of surgical outcome, James reiterated that my case was 100% successful, and acknowledged how remarkable that was given the size and bulk of the body-building squatter that occupied my back passage. The other good news is I won’t lose my hair – a big fat yay to that! As you all know, looking like a cancer patient really bothered me so at least I won’t look like one so much now. The bad news – if I opt for what James suggests – is I’ll need to take both oral and intravenous forms, the latter requiring a 2 hour drip in lovely Lismore every fortnight and the former a continuation of the tablets I took in the lead up to surgery. Both will be taken for 2 weeks at a time followed by a 7 day break, over a 4-6 month period.

Given that I responded well previously, James doesn’t anticipate any problems but the problems if they do occur will be nausea, numbness in the hands and feet with a possible slight burning sensation. If I do encounter problems, he says we can omit the IV version and simply run with the oral. Of course I would prefer to run with the oral only, however James reckons we should run with the best possible solution which is both combined.

The reason for this mop up chemo is that whilst ‘they’ got all the baddies during surgery and that the baddies had already died with the lead up treatment, they don’t know how active the one remaining lymph node was prior to the lead up treatment of radiation and chemo and they have no way of knowing. So, the proposed mop up is precautionary only i.e., give my body the best chance of completely eradicating anything microscopically damaging.

So, there you have it, phase 3 is about to get underway – crossing fingers big time it’s as cruisey as James makes out.


22 thoughts on “Phase three, here we come

  1. Huge news PM. Precautionary mop-up sounds ### FULL ON. However the key word here is precautionary.
    You have clearly made extraordinary leaps and bounds to the finish line – particularly considering the starting point. Am right there cheering you on all the way with bells and whistles and love. xo

  2. Yay. So good to hear from you. You sound as though you have a clear understanding of your situation which is bound to be empowering. Glad to hear you’re being offered the very best of care. Mwah xxxx

  3. All sounds as good as could be!
    Hang in there, hopefully the symptoms won’t be too bad.
    After that the after party?!

  4. Thanks Cazz, Mandy and Evie for your forever kind words of support, tis truely uplifting. Am loving your after party idea Evie, that’s what I call incentive! Xxx

  5. Oh that is fabulous news. I know the hair losing thingy was really bothering you – as it would me! Fingers crossed he’s right about it being cruisy. Let me know if you want company in Lismore while you’re doing the drip thingy. I promise to not let my car break down again. Doh!

  6. and when your ready for an LG feed and a lighthouse walk…just holler. BNG ain’t the same without your humour and stylish ways xx

    1. Awww, thanks Lynda. I think the lighthouse is a little way off yet but I did do a stroll to Captain Cook’s at the weekend to try out some stairs. I’ll do it a few more times and then maybe venture over to Wategoes and then we’ll see. Looking forward to getting back into it though and as for an LG feed…well, let’s say I’m well and truly ready for that. Name the time and place and we’ll gladly be there. xx

  7. Fingers crossed there won’t be much side effects but any fizzy drink will help with the nausea, so my brother told me. Go get the last lurking bastard and annihilate it into oblivion xXXX

    1. Ta Sandra. When are you in BB? We have visitors this weekend but hoping to poke our noses into the Byron Food Festival at Elements… perhaps we could meet up there?

      1. Possibly! My guest only landed today, arduous 2 full days of travelling! I’ll see how he goes and text with a proposal of sorts. See how you feel, option to go, “Nah” is always…well, an option 🙂

  8. I do like reading ‘100% successful’ and look forward to seeing that number again after the ‘mop up’. Really hope your approaching the final stages of this hideous journey and the symptoms aren’t too rough – Sue and ‘Teddles’ xx

  9. So glad to hear the surgery has been successful Prue. Further treatment is damn annoying but if complete eradication is the end result it will be worth it. Good luck with it all and hopefully it won’t be too unpleasant. Love and hugs from us all xo

    1. Thanks Julie. Loving all your comments of support by the way. You and your bro are natural writers. xx PS Only just threw out your flowers… they lasted a looong time and were so beautiful, I struggled to toss them. xx

    1. Hmmm, thanks Gareth but I’m not so sure on the bald look for me. I had a friend lined up to go wig shopping with me, I thought a funky ‘something quite different’ would have been fun but am way grateful that it’s now not required. Yay. Happy belated birthday for May by the way xx

  10. Hey Prue… Aiming for the best outcome is the way to go. Great news that you won’t lose your hair… although a little ‘wig party’ coulda been rather fun. Here’s hoping that the next 4-6 months will pass smoothly and quickly. Like Eve’s idea of ‘The After The Squatter’ partay…. 😉 …take it easy through this next phase, then onwards and upwards you will go…. Sending Love and Hugs.. 🙂 x

  11. Hey Prue! I tried hard to read everything .. but the English already burned my brain haha ​​stay strong and I can not wait to be with you and Michael again. Happy to know about your hair, it’s your trademark. Miss you!
    Never forget, the Universe does not give us nothing that we can not bear.

    1. Hi Livia, yes there’s a lot to take in for English as a second language! Well done for trying and lovely to know you are now in the loop with the squatter (squatter means uninvited tenant or someone who lives in an unoccupied building and refuses to leave or pay rent). We think of you everyday when we reach into the pantry for our lovely red toaster. xx

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