It’s not all about us


We are both fascinated how this journey is far from being just about us. Yesterday I arrived at the hospital to find my girlie sitting up in bed, holding court  describing the ins and outs of her new pooh-pal and dodgy date to two ward buddies, Mark and Carmelina.

Mark, 24, is prepping for an op to remove an ingrown hair from his bumhole which keeps getting infected. He became a father two days before being admitted and the baby is also in the hospital because it’s not feeding properly.  20 yo Carmelina was scheduled for a throat op in three weeks but has since developed an infected abscess in the area, but she certainly wasn’t about to let that stop her chatting.  Unfortunately Ashley, 29, the remaining patient in the room, was trying to eat his lunch during Prue’s informative poohfest. He snapped his leg in half whilst running barefoot down a set of concrete steps at night and then had to drag himself 100 metres to a road to get help.  He’s since spent 10 weeks between Tweed and Lismore hospitals.

Their stories were both eye opening and sad, sad because of the disruption to such young lives. Ashley had to give up his job as a result of his leg. It makes you realise that we could have easily found ourselves in any of their situations during that period of our lives. Clearly, a bonding occurs in these situations and the glue, as I see it, is called humanity. We wouldn’t take a second look at these guys in the street but here they were, eating, sleeping, farting, groaning and moaning with my girl… and now privy to the innermost secrets of her brand new sphincter. 

Finally, I need to vent over my tragic involvement with computers. Believe me when I say these first few blog posts have been a labour of love. This desktop, belonging to PM3 Art and Design, has come within a fucking millabyte of being heaved through the fucking front window.  I don’t get how a page of text that’s taken a so-not-a-typist hours to create can simply disappear into the ether.  When I use my drill to work on the wall of a house, I’m yet to have a wall disappear, but when it comes to these bloody bundles of bits and bytes, the equivalent of the whole fucking house disappears. I know it’s not a ‘me’ thing cos when I google ‘How to locate a missing house’ it’s like entire suburbs have gone missing on other users and they too are none the bloody wiser.

By the way, the girlie is going great. It’s me you’ve gotta worry about!


11 thoughts on “It’s not all about us

  1. More MM gold, despite the frustrations. Persevere, my friend. We need these posts if only to read your unique prose.

  2. Thanks Mickle. Further evidence that the real treasure is in our interactions with other humans. Its rich and humbling. Loving your posts so don’t let an itty bitty apple get in the way of sending more. Big hi and hug to PM. xxx

  3. Darls, do you need a hug and some TLC? Is Prue still taking up too much of the spotlight!
    Glad I am not in the next bed to Prue, not sure about the need to know factor of all the details!!!!! The food is bad enough without added poo pal stories, hope it was not roast an gravy!) I do wish I was closer though so I could pop in with some food. Big hugs to you both. Judy xxxx

  4. Panic not Mick your very own professional computer tech head angel is here to help, any time you get stuck just call Philly, he’s on holidays now and has nothing to do so get him over, you can dictate he can type…….no it’s not me making the offer its the boy himself so feel free to take him up on it.
    Now why am I not surprised at our Pruilicious holding court and getting to know all the ins and outs of everyone bits and bytes, what a girl so willing to listen to all our little moans and groans and then give as good as she gets what a gal, come to think of it what a pair, you guys rock. My snotty nose is drying up nicely so should be lurgy free by Wednesday, but knowing Princes she’s probably booked up already and I’ll have to wait in a long line of desperate’s missing their Prue hit. Still I’m happy to wait in line, looking forward to catching up with me mate(s). Philly very wisely suggested I go on my own for the first face to face as he won’t get a word in edge ways, oh such a smart boy, is there anything I can take the girlie when I go, something she might fancy but can’t get from the medicare system? speak soon love and hugs gnome one and two

  5. Very pleased to hear the girlie is going great👍👍👍. Now Mike ….,in the expert capacity of little sister, I have the diagnosis for your “problem” it’s called “getting old”😂😘

  6. Keep them coming Michael, please, hilarious ! Hey P. Hope you are coming along nicely in the recovery department ? Thinking of you lots and lots xxx J.

  7. Great to hear that all is going so well…. (bar yourself of course Mick by the sounds of things – ish)….. Sooooo good to hear that Prue is connecting with her ward ‘buddies’…. 😉 You know me…. nothing like a bit of pooh talk to ground one and get connected with others (well some anyway).

    Being a Vet’s daughter – we know that a POOH speak volumes – about us!!…. Like any conversation… we need, colour, texture, form and consistency to get an overall synopsis. Thanks for sharing all of that and more and keeping us well in the loop of things as they unfold for you both.
    Keep those walls up on the home front and don’t let that computer byte you…..Look forward to seeing you both. Please let us know when Prue is up for the odd visitor……love and hugs xx

  8. So great to hear our girlfiend is going well. She probably needs a hairy visit from me soon!! Prue knows what I mean. Nothing to do with bum jobs but a lot to do with head jobs!!! Sending our love Fi & Craig

  9. So good hear she’s commanding the ward even though she’s been in there all of five minutes! As for the stories, gawd, an ingrown hair on the bum hole! Given Prue will be there a while longer, I can’t wait to hear about new ward buddies and their individual plights xXXX

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