Finally, I’m a high achiever

I just got told I’m too well to be in hospital and going home tomoz arvo!!!! OMG OMG clapping hands, air punching, dancing on the spot and high five-ing all at once. I feel some major cork popping coming on. 


17 thoughts on “Finally, I’m a high achiever

  1. Yabbadabbado PM. Fly high and fly out of there fast. So happy for you. Love love love love all the way to you and MM ❤️

  2. Happy for you but somewhat disappointed for me…. no outing this weekend to Lismore. Gee, there’s a bugger 😉 xxx
    Catch you back on home turf….. The days are getting better by the minute…xxx yipdaddlydoooooooo hi ho, hi ho…. it’s off to work I go……

  3. OMG that’s brilliant!!!! I’m off to the Narooma Oyster Festival tomorrow (let’s face it, someone’s gotta do it…) but I will line up a home visit next week. Will spend next few days brushing up on bedside manner. Look forward to meeting Stanley Stoma. xxxx

  4. Dear Miracle People,
    You are both a constant source of amazement and inspiration.
    Love hugs kisses 🙂 XOX

  5. Wonderful news for you and M & look forward to seeing you back home Prue – you are made of stern stuff!!

  6. Wonderful news Prue, a new beginning for the new normal in your life … you made it through chick !!
    Love & hugs xxxx 💕🌈🦋

  7. Prue, we always knew you were a high achiever! Well done. All the best to you and Michael for your continuing journey of rapid recovery. Love and hugs from Chris and Allan

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