Life post surgery 

Sheesh there’s certainly no rest for the wicked. With my early hospital discharge, I blocked this week out for recuperating and rather fancied lazing around at home bonding with Penelope Pooh Pal, but no, I just got a message from a client asking when the brochures would be delivered? What, they haven’t arrived yet? I sent the job to print the day before surgery – as you do – and they should well and truly have been delivered by now. Upon investigation and a search through the maze of emails which I had been brutal determining whether they were worth reading or deleting, I discovered the job has been on hold since April 27! Fark. I also decided to help Lucy/Loothey out on a wee labelling job that she needs done by Monday… Talk about a rude awakening back into work already. Well, that’s not entirely true. Lucy’s job is small and lovely and the other is not the drama I’m making out and both are pretty manageable between sleeps.So life post surgery is panning out well, I’ve had a lovely 5 days at home, hanging with the family at the weekend and finding my feet through the week. It’s quite busy actually. I’m busy managing myself to eat regularly, rest regularly and to try not to do too much. Lack of food and rest appears to be crucial as to how well I sleep. I’m like a toddler all over again and get overtired without good management. 

Penelope pooh pal is proving to be quite the pal, collecting all Stanley stomas output, and man, does Stanley produce some shit. Poor Penelope. Thankfully she doesn’t seem to mind and thrives on her job knowing how liberating it is for me, she’s quite the pal. 

I’m obviously still on my Ls with this new liberating way of ablution and can take 30mins to change the base plate component of the process. Think a saucer sized piece of Elastoplast stuck to the soft sensitive skin of your stomach for 3 to 4 days, then the sensation of peeling it off. Yep, it hurts and takes me forever to incrementally peel it off. Fortunately it’s only a 3 times a week ritual unlike Penelope who adheres to the base plate and readily peels away when full. I shall leave the remainder of the process to your imaginations because it ain’t much different to how you old school poohers operate and there are some things we simply do not need to share. Cripes, did I say that?

In a few hours we will be up and on the road again to Lismore Base for pathology results and removal of stitches. Ugh. 


4 thoughts on “Life post surgery 

  1. PPS….Prue, Penelope and Stanely….. I feel like I need to address the ‘WHOLE’ and ALL of you now…. There is now more to you than meets the eye….(in terms of the addition of P and S close to your side)..There was of course always MORE to you anyway, but bloody hell…. you know what I mean ;-). Glad the three of you are bonding slowly but surely……..This is ultimately the main thing… the rest will follow. Look forward to hearing the outcome from your trip to Lismore….xxxx

  2. Hope the visit to Lismore went well. Thanks for the detailed update. Keep those lazy snoozes on the agenda – pampering pussycats on sunny afternoons. Xxx

  3. Always said there were many beautiful sides to you guys now we have the joy of experiencing even more dimensions could’nt be better…………….good luck today love V and P

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