Travelling well

I’m moving with the times and posting a video instead of writing, I thought it’d be quicker – how wrong was I? Uploading the fucker took hours… and how frigging awkward does one feel talking to themselves and recording it… arrrgggh, but here goes.

Oh damn, I checked on my phone and it didn’t work, I’ll try again tomoz, sorry.


8 thoughts on “Travelling well

  1. PM what a talented creative little cookie you are – you have just created the perfect teaser/trailer. 🙃❤️

  2. Couldn’t see anything either PM. you tube was being uncooperative. is vimeo more friendly. you know of course, that I have no idea what i’m talking about. 🙂

  3. So nice to see your gorgeous face Prue.💕 I tend to agree with your GP about your youth, fitness and resilience. Hang in there. Fingers crossed all goes well with your appointment!! I’m glad to hear my brother is looking after you well – I would be surprised to hear otherwise. Thanks for the intro to Penelope – I hope she too looks after you well💐

  4. Thanks P for the video post, great to see you and hear from you ! Hoping you got your preferred chemo outcome ? Lots of love to you and M xxx

  5. Keep on keeping on Prue, Stan and Pen….. Seems like the group output is working well in all areas. Great to see and hear…. well mostly. Look forward to your next update …love and ‘Uggs’ to you all xxx 😉 xx

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