We have blast off!

This is a quickie to let you all know I had a blast at my first blasting session. Probably not the kind of ‘blast’ you’re all thinking but I sure as hell blasted. I blasted off in my undies. Not just once but FIVE times!!! Fortunately only once infront of someone and that someone happened to be Dr James Bull, my newly acquired chemo oncologist.

Not something I’d recommend on a first date. And when you think ‘blast’, don’t think light and fluffy, think rip roaring rumbling explosion complete with solids and soiled underwear right there in James very smart newly reno’d rooms. Too much info? Sorry, but if you want to be the supportive pals you’re all demonstrating, then we’re all in this together! And if my new bum buddy James can move forward with a second date then you lot need to get over yourselves and join me in my most shittiest of moments.

Now onto the pleasantries of the day. M’darlink and I arrive at the Cancer Care unit at our scheduled time of 1.30 when I’m given my own barcode so I can automatically check myself in and out. (yeah yeah, I hear your gasps of shock at the punctual bit) A very polite kind Ken Lu greets us to show us the ropes. He issues me my very own hospital gown that is mine for the course of treatment, I’m to bring it with me each time. Normally I’d be very grateful being offered my very own ‘something’ but on this occasion I fight rejecting his mint green offering and attempt graciousness by accepting. He then shows me the change rooms where I ponder why I can’t have my very own one of them and asks me how much water I’ve drunk today. Normally I would have drunk a couple of litres by 1.30 but for some STUPID reason, today I hadn’t and guess what? Proceedings came to a grinding halt while I had to down a litre or so of H2O and then wait and hour or more for my bladder to refill. What a f’ing dick I am.

Fast forward to newly filled bladder and we move on to the radiation room – yay – which is all large and lonely as I lie solo with only a microphone to chat to and some lufferly soft cock playlist to listen to. M sits with Ken and Richard outside in the control room where several computers manage every component of the radiation process. Theres a shit load of technology for only 10 mins of treatment as it’s all over before I can barely pop out my first blast. No, I manage to save that for the privacy of the change room. After a discreet dash to the dunny and major clean up, we’re then off to meet James Bull and hope like hell he doesn’t want to do an inspection of my over worked anxious date!

The good news of the day is that my chemo takes the form of three tablets twice daily which I started tonight, so my treatment plan has officially begun.

PS Thank you for the texts and phone calls of support and 1000 apologies for not replying but as you may gather this journey is busy and as much as I’d like to touch base with you all, I simply cannot reply to each and every text or phone call. I might be able to further down the track but in these early days, this blog will have to do – I’m sorry. X


19 thoughts on “We have blast off!

  1. Thanks Mitchell for the date update. Been thinking of you all day. You’ve managed to give me a bit more detail than I had in my thoughts during the day but that’s as expected. 🙂 . I hope you and Michael and all your support crew, are feeling the lerve and hugs we’ve been beaming your way. You’re all stars. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I”m worried……if that’s your ‘quick’ update onya date…..what’s your not so quick instalment going to look like!!
    Really hope you had a change of undies with you for those unpredicted blast off’s, if it’s anything like blasto blastoff’s they tend to be a tad messy…..
    Sending big hugs and love, Soz n Steve xx

  3. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry Miracle-person! but surely don’t recommend doing both at once with a mouthful of coffee.
    Giving you your own gown must be a laundry cost-saving measure -why did I never think of that?! Think of the time, effort and money I could have saved…. on the other hand think of the number of gowns I would have never seen again, replacement costs probably higher in the end.
    Did they tell you you had to have a full bladder? If not they are the f-wits not you, and if so you have so much going on no surprise if you forgot.
    How about other side effects? How did the rest if the day go?
    And yes we are with you both every step of the way, no matter what! 😛 xxxxxx

  4. Thanks Sandy, maybe all that lerve gave me the shits?😜 Yeah, sorry Soz, a tad wordy but it’s hard to be succinct when so much is going on 😀 Evie, it was kinda my fault on the water front, I drink so much normally that I didn’t pay any attention to how little I had drunk. It didn’t help when I asked if I could evacuate my bowel and Ken replied with ‘sure,but can you make sure you don’t urinate as well?’ Fat chance, with my current activity! Hence starting from scratch. Crossing butt cheeks I have a better day today 😊

  5. Oh my God what a day, trying to imagine blasting off five times in not such perfect conditions, ie not on a loo, must have been a riot! Well you sure will have gotten over any delicate feelings around butt protocol by the end of this little adventure which is all for the good, all this Freudian anal retention control shit (pardon the pun) does my head in, let it all out with gay abandon that’s what I say.

  6. PS got 4 liters of water, pooh bucket, wet wipes, cold mango, face towel, soft bum pillow, book reader, night light, day light, eski, nuts, loo roll, bananas, spare dress, spare shorts, spare everything really…………..think I’ve got it covered! Ready for our trip tomorrow love and hugs Miss over organized x

  7. Prrueeee … I’m with you and M completely … the Blog is amazing as you are!! … I just can’t be funny right now as I absorb your journey to date. But I will be soon, promise!
    Huggggss, kissesss and thoughts to you both. xxx

  8. Oh My God Prue, a tough gig, Jesus. Such a shame Dr Ooh La La wasn’t present as well, just to make it a real party ? Anyway, if you can live through that blasting shit and tell us the tale, I think the least we can do is read about it and get over it, right ? Your admirable quality of being vulnerable and genuine and telling like it is, and any problem with that being the problem of the beholder shines through, and that’s what I have always admired about you. Doing a great job for us out here amongst all that shit, thank you and lots of lerve to you and the Team … J x

  9. Hey Prue…. Now that sounded like a shit day mate…..As I’ve always said…. ‘Better out than in’…..FANTASTIC news re your treatment plan having commenced. The unknown (as we know) can be daunting…Make sure you drink a SHIT load of water today please :-)….. and if anyone gets in your way…. Blast em mate. Wishing you a good day today….Looking forward to your next update. xxx

  10. Hi Prue Pops (nickname very appropriate ‘Pops”!), have been away for a few weeks and was amazed to read your journey over this time and to read what you’ve been through. Losing your arse, huge fever, blood transfusion, having several mishaps in your undies, first treatment session etc, Your humour & writing is brilliant and attention to detail. makes it feel like I’m right there with you. Your positive attitude and humour, along with Michael, family & friends, will see you through this challenging period in your life. Sending lots of laughter, positive vibes and prayers. Lots of love Timmy Tim Tim xxx

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