Nearly normal reigns

The reason for the posts slowing up is there’s not a lot to report except normality is slowly showing its face and I can not express how good that feels!!! 

To have energy again is a gift greater than I ever imagined. I pinch myself daily to check its for real and each day I do a little something to test it out. Today I walked to the Suffolk shops for a coffee, yesterday I walked part of the lighthouse track that included some stairs that use to challenge me big time. Yes of course they challenged me but no where near as much as I expected. We did a shorter version of the same walk at the weekend and again I surprised myself and our Melb buddies who we were walking with. We walked as a group and I didn’t lag at all. Did I Sandrewbers??? Life is good, really good. Especially when said buddies fill your fridge with food and wine and cook sensational meals. Thank you Sandy and Andrew, you guys are brill. 
And life is even better when you finally get to debrief with the person who headed up the squatter eviction squad. Yes we heard the results from his registrar, and yes we heard the results from the chemo oncologist and yes I had the results explained by my GP and yes, all were incredibly impressed with the results but it’s not till you get to catch up with the man himself… my school girl crush, surgeon Austin Curtin – I even love his name! And when he greets you with wide open arms and insists on a hug, what is a girl to do? He could not hide his delight as he went over the results and explained the ins and the outs of the op and what he found and stressed how lucky I am. He clasped his hands and said ‘well we could call it quits right here and now because everything was dead when we opened you up so we know the treatment worked in the targeted area but what we don’t know is how active the 0.4 mm problem child was prior to treatment. If it were me, I’d carry on with the mop up chemo because there’s no way of knowing how active that one microscopic cell was and chemo will deal with that. You’ve come this far let’s finish it off.’ 

So like putty in his hands, and as freaky as it is, I’m doing it. IV chemo. Fuck a duck. Is this really happening?

Hi ho hi ho it’s off to chemo tomorrow. Kicking, screaming and dummy spitting all the way!


6 thoughts on “Nearly normal reigns

  1. I would very much like to give Mr Austin Curtain a big hug myself for taking such wonderful care of my dear friend.
    Go kicking and screaming all the way dear PM and then it will be jumping for joy and pumping the air. Sending mountains love of energy full of the all best stuff you way today. ❤️

  2. good luck for today honey bears, will be thinking of you all the way. love the two garden gnomes xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Fabulous news from Mr Austin Curtain, love the name too! He sounds like someone from Grey’s Anatomy. Roll on Chemo, I am sure it will be smooth sailing and over before you know it. Pxxx🌞😘🌻

  4. Hope the day went ok Prue …….. Great to hear you’re sounding positive and upbeat. May that continue for you even if this little blip grabs ya a bit…..thinking of you xx

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