cut and paste time


Hi all, Mick here doing a dummy run on the blog, emphasis on dummy.

Just letting those who need to know: arrival at Lismore Base Hospital is confirmed at 6.40am tomorrow – first cab off the rank. Given Prue’s never done a.m. anything before so there’s no guarantee she’ll make the appointment.


13 thoughts on “cut and paste time

  1. Great that Prue is 1st case in AM. I am sure you are the responsible, designated driver Michael! Will be thinking of you too tomorrow Michael and look forward to hearing your updates. Much love Peta xxx

  2. Am thinking of you both and glad to know she is first up, bit of an early start but beats hanging around waiting. Sending love and light. Xxx

  3. Wowee. Today’s the day. What a journey this has been. Love to you all today and I hope an angel is sitting on the shoulder of Prue’s surgeon and his team. If anyone deserves an angel today, it is Prue. Thinking of ‘youse’ on this very difficult day. xxxx

  4. Hey there … thoughts still with you both all through the long long day … patient & awaiting next update … trusting all went well…
    Biggie hey!! Tan xxx 💕🦋🌈

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