Hello squatter

To those of you who are valued yet not part of our day to day world, this blog may come as a shock because it appears cancer is a shared interest for m’darlink and me.

Ten years to the day since we admitted M to Lismore Base Hospital for removal of Tommy tumour, we again drove out to Lismore to meet with his surgeon – this time it was for me. A colonoscopy report revealed I too have a squatter.

Of course, with the advancement of time, my squatter is superior and naturally more sophisticated – it is bigger and faster growing. Great. I finally get to beat M at something, thanks universe.

So this is the intro post to a blog we’ve set up to document the journey and keep all of you informed of progress. I hope to continue to work – albeit in a more spasmodic fashion – and therefore need to work out how to deal with the added workload of responding to enquiries about my health and progress. I’m hoping this blog will inform, be cathartic for both M and I and alleviate the need for a publicity manager.

We have huge support and love being thrown at us by our local buddies (and of course love from our remote buddies who happened to be in touch during this time), so please be assured, we are being looked after.

Texts and Comments on this blog are the best form of communicating with us, as chemo and radiation treatment, combined with lots of rest whilst attempting to work, will prevent us from being so available for calls.


17 thoughts on “Hello squatter

  1. We love it, not tommy squatter that is but you and M, the amazing duo, we will be avid readers of all things blogg so much love and hugs flying your way Vic and Phil xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Bugger bugger bugger, sending you lots of love and positive vibes to start with! I had a friend who wrote about his cancer journey over the last few years like this, with great humour, almost as good as yours actually… it was an amazing read and I know it helped him so much at the time as well as all of those around him, who could provide much needed humour in return and of course the support needed when needed. Darling if you ever need anything, I am here, I’m a great cook and i know that I make you laugh, or do you just laugh at everyone… keep that big wide smile of yours there and keep being positive xxxx

    1. Thank you Nikki for the vibes and the generous offers of support and yes, humour is key for this squatter host. My folks are currently looking after us domestically (and emotionally) and we have Victorian buddies arriving next week and the week after, who will step in and give ma & pa a break. I’m slowly accepting chauffeur offers to appointments so we’re ok for now but I’ll definitely holler if we need more assistance.xxx

      1. Hi Prue
        Just heard the news from Sandy at her birthday lunch at Drew and Rina’s house. Seriously shocked by the news!
        You are a vibrant, fit and positive person so I know you’ll get through this. I’m sure Michael will be a great support and help you stay on track. I’m heading to the Bluesfest again this year so will call closer to Easter and hopefully catch up.

      2. Hi Paul… you’re seriously shocked? Imagine how we were! Look forward to seeing you. I’ll chill your left over ciders for you.

      3. Darling Prue, knowing what you do about Digby’s journey I’m here in any way you want or need me to be. The biochemist has helped many people we know with advanced cases so we learned a lot and Digby has paperwork 🙂 You look so beautiful and healthy and vibrant. I’d never have guessed it but our conversation on my deck so long ago (three years’ almost) now echoes in my mind. I’ll be visualising your body for a while if that ok with you xxx I am in Mullum after all … love to you both

  3. Well, first Lismore shuttle for me today and, with Prue having filled us with blog bowel horror stories, I was equipped with more buckets and other receptacle options than a fully equipped NSW Rural Fire Service truck. It is good to report these containers were superfluous to any evacuation needs. Prue was on top form and looking a million dollars – made of stern stuff our Prue.
    At Lismore Hospital Prue is a VIP and the staff all know her by name (surprise, surprise) and all went very smoothly in the VIP lounge Prue accesses for herself and her chauffers. Rest is also good for the lass after these drives in the country.

  4. Hey Prue and Michael. Not sending any platitudes or pithy sayings just sending you love, because I know you have the determination

  5. Hi Prue just heard the news. And shocked. But I know you guys will get through it. Just to let you know we are thinking of you and mishter………Malloy.
    Love Terry.

  6. Hi Prue and Michael, well, what a shock we got!!! Alan happened to phone Don to see how things were and he informed us!!! So, having recovered, we send you all our love and good vibes and know that you will derive your sustenance (of all different sorts) from Michael, Don and Judy and all of your superb friends. We just wish we were a bit closer geographically, both for yourself and of course Don and Judy! Never mind, we are here (Adelaide) and you are there, but we are sure that you will use well all of your resources. Please know that our thoughts are with you always and we do know that you will come through at the other end with flying colours! Being so far away, we do really appreciate this blog and will thank Don for sending us the link. Lots of love Chris and Alan

  7. Hi Prue & Micheal, Thank you for letting us know & as you know, we are in full support of your plight to rid Tommy from your Byron lifestyle….if you need HK Tom Tom, let us know…. just a phone call away. Sending lots of love, strength & support. Jenny & David xxx

  8. well done all the crew for making it up the lighthouse stairs, I’m so impressed that everyone made it…………..and that I don’t have to!!!! See you Friday with baguette and treats

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