Doing the deal


The word on the streets was that cannabis oil was shit hot at arresting some of the symptoms/side effects of PM’s situation – the usual culprits such as pain, insomnia and loss of appetite. In my quest to acquire some not-so-mainstream medicinals, I ended up in nearby Mullum (Mullumbimby), a coherent man’s Nimbin. As instructed, I journeyed into a computer repair joint and asked for the ‘oil’ guy, as ya do, the whole time feeling like Jason Bourne trying to slip the attention of a bunch of ASIO goons.

Oil man, a weedy looking dude, appeared with a satchel strung over his shoulder, rather like a dodgy bookmaker, making me wonder if he was armed or just hemped. And so weedy leads me through the hallways of this hovel to what is seemingly the ‘interrogation’ room, a rathole housing little more than a table and two opposing chairs. I wasn’t surprised by the clandestine nature of this whole deal, given it was hardly AMA, FDA, TGA and George Brandis approved – and of course we wouldn’t want to upset the conservatives in the quest for something that actually fucking works!

Many questions, lots of directions and 250 bucks later, I’m Hiluxing my way back to Byron with PM’s new life neatly packaged in a 50ml bottle and 6 ml syringe.


14 thoughts on “Doing the deal

  1. Haha. Magnifiicent Michael Malloy, the middle man for Mitchell’s magical Mullum medicinals! Who needs meditation when you have weedy up the road. 😊

  2. Ya shoulda come to Shepp Mike – we’d probably stock it at the local IGA! Aside from that -sending lots of love and hugs from us all💕

  3. blimey Mike you’ve finally turned rogue…….gone to the dark side all in the name of love and why not!

  4. M replying here – Seems like you might be my new stockist, Julie. The stuff certainly worked Caz, but just as with alcohol, the girlie already needs double the bloody dose. And I’ve just realised whilst in front of the mirror, it’s a bit rich for me to be labelling the Mullum dude, ‘weedy”.
    Cheers you lot

    1. Don’t worry Prue There’s Always More where that came from. Double dose I say. Bit like having one glass of wine. Never enough. Hope the cops don’t read your blog! Poor weedy may be in the lock up. Hope you post bail. Glad to hear sand on your feet. lots love Craig & Fi xx

    1. I know a very wise man just up the drag from you….you shout.. I arrange :-)… added bonus… you get a really awesome view …… xx

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