A proper gold star day!

And my second date with the Chemo King.

The latter followed todays miraculous and refreshingly seamless nuking. Finally with a day and one week to go, I’m getting the hang of both bladder and bowel management, talk about remedial! 

Good thing I managed to have ablutions under control cos you may recall my first date with King Chemo James Bull, was crap in my pants crappy. So it was rather imperative I kept my self tidy for the second date after all it’d be tad embarrassing to have ones chemo doc dump you mid treatment. The squatter would have a right old high five at that. And what about Neive, the fresh faced young medical student fulfilling her industry experience and watching on? That would have been fun for her and her professional learnings had I filled my knickers, let alone a tad embarrassing watching a 54 year old woman poohing her pants right there in front of us all. Not something one sees everyday…although it can be arranged!

And so it was definitely a gold star day. Thank you bowel for behaving yourself, thank you big time. 
And bucket loads of thanks and love to Evie for coming to care for us and our garden. She worked like Trojan whipping the garden into long overdue shape. We miss you already xx


8 thoughts on “A proper gold star day!

  1. Was just thinking of you being nearly at 80%. Is that 3 gold stars in a row? Well nearly anyway. Yay to Evie working on that garden (and everything else), and big yay to you keeping yourself tidy. Hope today goes well. Love to you both and all your support crew. xxx

  2. Evie turned into ‘Jane’ as in Tarzan and Jane and swung through Prue’s jungle (oh er sounds a bit rude) hacking and sawing her way through the wilderness to reveal the garden beneath. It just takes a bit of civilization to calm the wildness of nature and Evie was the women for the job……………..fabo girlie way to go

    and well done Prue for keeping the mad bottom beast under control for Mr Chemo dude and his assistant I’m sure they appreciated that mightily!

  3. Thanks Vic! I had fun taming that particular wilderness. Not sure about the pic of metal man goosing me – first glance made me wonder if I’d gone out in sympathy without knowing….
    Anyhow, for anyone else not physically near enough to tell, P&M are in great shape, with everything in place to evict the squatter forthwith and henceforth!

  4. HIGH FIVE GANGSTERS…..Sounds like a definite GOLD STAR day in all areas…. WAHOOOOOO…. Any Thing/Creature…. Plant or foe that was due for a trim or nuking….. Got done!!!!!… Awesome Prue….. AND it was a tidy day too…. Well done everyone….. The less presence the squatter has the better ❤️❤️❤️Xxxx

  5. Hey Prue. Dad just sent me your blog. I know things must be pretty hectic so thought this is the best way to contact you for now. Sounds like you have really been through the wringer and I won’t complain about my wonderful appendectomy in November and 2 days waiting for surgery without food or drink again!! Sounds like you are getting plenty of love and assistance from everyone and wish we were a little closer to help out too. We are heading off to our new life in Port Douglas hopefully next week (after a delay of 2 weeks) and we were originally planning to stop and see you guys on our way through. With delays won’t happen……but still have to go and see that brother of mine on way up and get some resort running adviice!! When you are up to it and need some R and R come up and stay…….I am sure you and Michael will be ready to take a break. I know you will get through this and bounce back. Lots of hugs and kisses and more hugs from Joe, I and the rest of the ever growing mob. ❤️❤️😘😘🌸🌸

    1. Wow Lea, that’s big news! Resort owners/managers??? Go girl. I think we’ll let you settle into your new roles before we take you up on your very kind offer, but thank you, look forward to paying you a visit at some point. Good luck xx

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