Gold star company for a bronze star day

Well today wasn’t exactly gold star material but it did have many upsides. The first one being hitting the halfway mark – unreal, the second one being that I didn’t soil Donaldos pristine sedan. Which is truly unbelievable. I know I threatened in yesterday’s comments that I may soil the sedan for the fun of it but when it was fast becoming a reality, it was no longer fun. The thought of years of payout from Donaldo was enough motivation to clench and clench hard. No wonder I’m so fucken knackered now. 

Donaldo proved to be yet another perfect chauffeur/chaperone arriving with a bunch of flowers and keeping the limo running with the air con on so it was at princesses preferred temp. 

Scoring the rock star car park of all car parks I escorted D through the check in process and was super happy when I spotted the small loungey waiting area vacant. Bonus, its private and intimate and we can chat away freely without fear of any other squatter hosts joining us. I don’t think I could cope with another’s squatter story, mines big enough. 

Nurse Annette greeted me with the daily anti nausea drug and D and I settled in as I waited to be called for my pre nuke scan. Sadly the first two scans were epic fails but I didn’t get a chance to get down and dirty about it because Donaldo sneakily distracted me with a chat that had me completely engaged. An hour of waiting for my 2 litres to drip through, passed effortlessly as D shared with me his life story. We’ve heard snippets over the 12 or so years as buddies but not pieced together in one epic cinematic delivery. And boy what an epic cinematic movie it would make. Interesting what a small waiting room reveals. I was all ears and dare I say, a tad miffed when I was pulled away to be scanned and eventually nuked. 

So the 2 litres dripped through, I was entertained by a fascinating life story, got nuked, then we were back on the road again. Clenching. Well one of us was. 

Thanks D for being Stirling company xx


5 thoughts on “Gold star company for a bronze star day

  1. Bonza bronze day prompted to gold by Mr D’s life story, well done bum clenching super star and chauffeur, half way and counting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Is it possible to sympathy clench whilst reading your post? Well done for not unleashing in the sedan but if you had, you can just hear Donald tell THAT tale in the future, “Well, there was that time when…”. Waving from over many roof tops xx

  3. Prueeee … congratulations on reaching the half way mark!! – I’ve been unwittingly sympathy-clenching reading the last few posts! Forget pelvic floor exercises! Thinking of you every day! Tx

  4. A bottom clenching buddy kinda day…… Hoorays to Donald and Prue…. You kept it clean in one sense 🌻 Halfway mark on treatment… Yippdaddlydooooooo 🌻❤️Xxxx

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