Prue vs bladder round 14

From an observers point of view I’m guessing today wasn’t so bad. I had good energy levels, I felt hydrated, I’d had a good breakfast, I did everything right on the pre nuking prep front and I didn’t really even  need to implement any clenching – I was overall in really good spirits. And a bonus? I solved the poohing without weeing mystery… You can 😜. Perhaps because it was Evie’s birthday? Happy birthday Evie Weevie. So generally all was good in my squatter eviction world until … 

… the fucking bladder scanner revealed otherwise. Not just once, but FOUR f’king times! WTF? Once again I had the staff stumped. Where is your water going Prue??? There I am solving one mystery whilst simultaneously creating another. Great, I can now add Mystery Maker to squatter eviction resume. 

After TWO HOURS of waiting for my umpteen litres to kindly show up in my bladder, I was nuked and finally evicted. Farrrk. Thankfully chauffeur Vic is nothing like my mother and has patience by the bucket load. Phew. 

One more sleep and week three is done and dusted. Can’t wait. 


3 thoughts on “Prue vs bladder round 14

  1. Wow Prue and Michael, what a journey it has been for you both! Life is never dull and you 2 have a knack of expressing your experiences in a wonderfully, unique way. Have you ever thought about writing Medical textbooks? It would have made my Nursing studies far more interesting and entertaining! Prue, your attitude is inspirational and you are going to squash this Squatter. It is amazing how much the treatments have improved since my Oncology days 20 + years ago. I won’t even bore you with the primitive details, not to mention the Florence Nightingale Uniform that I had to wear! So good that you are over halfway through your treatments, a celebration is not too far away. Rest up, lap up the love and care that you deserve and hopefully you will be back to your young self soon. Mind you, you look dam good in bed with the cats. I never look that good in the AM! Love Pete, re Pete, Elly, Prue & Sam xxx P.S When Jude has time, I would love her to clean my oven!

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