No news is good news

Well it was until today.

It’s been nice having a break from medical commitments and rain. Finally we Byronites can say good bye to Debbie and all her destruction but sadly for the Lismore-ons it’s far from over. Yes, it seems wrong to be referring to our Lismore neighbours as ‘Lismore-ons’ but it is seriously how we always refer to them and it’s at times like these we need a sense of humour the most!

With the rain out of the way and my energy levels nearly normal, beach walks are back on the agenda. Two more walks have been added to the achievements list and as glorious and soul feeding as they were, today’s was dampened by the re-emergence of pain. WTF? Why is it making a reappearance at this late stage? Perhaps it’s due to backing off on the pain killers?

Thinking the pain was diminishing it seemed only natural to lessen the intake of drugs but apparently that’s not how pain killers work. Bloody Nora, why is the eviction process so complicated? There’s so much to understand! Sheesh. Still, the reemergence of pain has made me actually look forward to my up coming back door inspection – never thought I’d say that! – hoping like hell its one step closer to fucking that squatter right off, once and for all. It’s even making me ponder the ok-ness of the prospect of a permanent pooh bag. Wow, who woulda thought?

So… two more sleeps and my back door will be open for inspection for all and sundry. So if anyone is looking for some prime real estate up this way, please, come take a look, it’s a must see! I sure hope the surgeon is amongst the attendees.


6 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. Prueeee, keep soldiering on sister & keep up the pain killers! Good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you… see you soon … x 💕🦋☀🌈🌿🌻

  2. For a creature of habit, you’re proving to be mighty adaptable. Well done, you. I love to visualise you back on your walks. May they become a regular fixture soon. Good luck for the appointment today xxx

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