Today is a miraculous day, or perhaps the week is?

I stepped onto the sand today for the first time in forever. It felt soooo good. It felt good for many reasons:

  1. Because I was feeling the best I’ve felt since October
  2. My bowel felt like it might behave itself enough to allow me to leave the toilet bowl for a moment
  3. A wise soul advised me to earth myself simply by placing my bare feet on the ground
  4. It is the most glorious day ever
  5. And as dear friend Cazz, AKA Spinhead said, ‘even if it’s to sit quietly in a beautiful spot’, go and enjoy the day. Enjoy I did.


If only I could bring myself to do botox!
Quietly contemplating whilst bare footing the earth

The week couldn’t help but get off to a good start with m’blister and her bloke paying us a fleeting visit (from Sydders) at the weekend. We dined with them and the folks on Saturday night and Sunday lunch which was quite a bit of socialising for a squatter host, however my regular Sunday arvo session with Chez and her cranio sacral magic put me into the usual state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. And then to top that off, our forever generous neighbour Pam, delivered ‘meals on heels’ for Sunday nights dinner making both M and I very grateful humble happy campers. She did the same last week and on both occasions completed the menu with a dessert and cream turning me into blubbering mess with her kindness and consideration. Amazing and delicious. Thousands of thank you’s are smothering you Miss Pam.

Clock wise from left: Veggie lasagne, Salad with dressing, banana cake, cream, baked spuds complete with butter (incase we were still hungry!) and apple crumble. Overwhelm or what?
Pam’s Meals on Heels part 2: Roast veggies and cheesey lentil bake with mushroom sauce and a raw chocolate tart with strawberries and almonds. Unbelievable.

16 thoughts on “Today is a miraculous day, or perhaps the week is?

  1. so good to see you with ya ol friend….nature again…

    Much love and many hugs…

    P.s botox smotox, you are one smokin women…Ive always thought so, squatter aint going to change that

  2. My thoughts:
    -where can I get legs like that?
    – That sand and beautiful beach are amazing and I’m not surprised they have healing powers. -I definitely need to get me a Pam!!! Ps. That food looks sensational!
    Most importantly -so happy you are feeling a bit better – been thinking about you lots
    Miss you guys ❤❤

  3. Hey P, lovely post, and so great to hear of such a high point, thanks for sharing. Hope there are heaps more of them for you ! We’re loving Pam a bit too I think ? Thanks Pam, love your work ! Loving the work of all your mates Prue. You get what you give, you reap what you sow. I’ll work on some more clichés. Until then, lots of love, x J.

    1. Oooh yes, we’re all loving Pam and the cliches! This week she offered roast lamb but we were already catered for and can you believe we had to decline. Duh!

  4. Ditto Julie re legs like that. I’d like some too!
    I guess the beach weather is all done for the moment, looks like you got there just in time 🙂
    Get back there as soon as you can. xxxx

  5. soooo happy you got onto the beach ’cause yesterday and today have been crazzzzzy. I’m predicting next week it’ll all clear up and we’ll be able to have our play date…………can’t wait. loveeeeee dovveeee Vic

  6. Great you made it onto the beach Prue and got those toes in the sand…. a bit of weather has reeked havoc since… 🌾🌾🌾xx

  7. My first post on this amazingly written blog – and what a day to respond to. So reassuring to see your toes in the sand on your beloved beach in your treasured hometown. Take care dear friend. And thanks be to Pam – what a gem! xxxx

    1. Hey there Mandy, I thought you’d recognise that beach. It’s not looking quite like the pic at the mo though, everything is still a bit grim up this way. Ta for the massive writing compliments, thats really saying something coming from you – you’ve put a spring in my step xx

  8. Hey Prue a beach like that will do wonders to reinvigorate the soul, it sounds like it was just what was needed and ‘Saint’ Pam what a legend

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