The final wrap up with Dr Ooh-la-la

I just had THE best yesterday. Well actually the day before was pretty damn good too, I had coffee and lunch with my ma, followed by a bit of work and later a dinner guest where I actually contributed to the meal prep etc. Ok, so that doesn’t sound so amazing but I’m telling you, in my shoes it was. I. Had. Energy. And… no niggling health issues. Ok, I have one but I won’t go into it suffice to say think runny nose but not from my nose! Eeewww. Apparently a joyful bi-product of radiation that antibiotics should fix and we’ll leave it at that.

Onto yesterday. We had two follow up appointments with the oncologists – which by the way, I still struggle with the fact I have ‘a’ oncologist let alone two! Anyhow the first appointment was with our favourite chemo oncologist, James Bull. Given that I’ve completed the first round pretty much unscathed, I was ready for answers to my questions: Is this first round of treatment indicative of how I’ll respond to further rounds? Pretty much, although he suspects I’ll start to experience a warming and tingling in my hands and feet. Ok, I think I can handle that. He was pretty pleased with how I was travelling with the first round so I was able to get him to commit to only four months of treatment as opposed to six. Yippee! Question two was about the ever so slight crap feeling I get occasionally – real borderline nausea. He thinks it’s simply my bowel still sorting itself out post surgery and if it worsens to take the anti nausea tablets I was given at my first chemo session.

James reiterated Austin’s delight at the success of the whole process and that I had responded exceptionally well and to count myself incredibly lucky. He reported that many many others sadly do not respond as well. Wow.

Next stop was lunch and then a follow up with Dr Ooh-la-la, our favourite radiation oncologist, Patrick Dwyer. Again, he was very happy at how my body handled the rigorous treatment I had undergone in both phase one and two and having come through the other side, how well I looked. And how fabulous the results were. He pointed out that the cancer marker tests they do when taking bloods, in my case, were indicative of the successful response to treatment. My cancer markers at the start recorded 37 and the last blood test recorded one with zero being normal. He suspects my next blood test which is next week, will reveal a zero. Talk about walk out on a high. Finally I’m a success story which I have to admit is a bloody good area in which to be a success.

So, here’s to completion of the first round of chemo. I can now take a break until next Friday when the next cycle begins.

Dr Ooh-la-la
Ta dah… presenting Dr Ooh-la-la

13 thoughts on “The final wrap up with Dr Ooh-la-la

  1. You’re a bloody miracle mitchell. Look at that smile! Does ooh la la have any idea he’s featured on your blog for the last 6 months? I guess he’s too busy to care, but I reckon you’ve made his day, nearly as much as his made yours!
    Success story indeed! xxx

  2. What a team you have around you – including your own body’s defence system. Dr Ooh La La is gorgeous. You look so well and happy – how can you be on chemo? Amazing. May your energy and happiness levels continue to rise. What a marvel you are xxx

  3. Thanks gals. I’m not sure about a marvel and a miracle but hey, I’ll take what I can get to keep me on this fabulous high for which you have both contributed, thank you xx Yes Sandy, he does know he’s featured, hence the photo. I said I have to put a face to the name for the blog followers 😀. He has 6 yr old triplets and a hobby farm on top of a busy job which explains why he hasn’t ventured to the blog to read about his fame.

  4. Looking fab Prue, not to mention Dr Ooh La la! So glad you are feeling great and all news is good. Keep up the good work😄 Peta xxx😘

  5. That’s the best news and you don’t look at all like you’ve been through the ringer! (Pun sort of intended: I only realised what I wrote when I re-read the sentence) xXXX

  6. Bloody good news Ms Prue…… have to say you are looking rather Oooooh La La yourself. Keep on keeping on will ya…. great to read you are sounding on the up up up 🙂 x

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