Day five score out of ten

EIGHT! Why? For starters ma came to visit on her pat malone which was all rather mummsie and daughterish and lovely. She came armed with my requested Greek salad and home made dressing that M’darlink had lovingly made before he went off to work, as well as some rice crackers to have with some beetroot and feta dip M had brought yesterday and some Lindt balls. Yummo. Between M’darlink, ma and me we are doing our own hospital food work around. Phew. Decent food covered – tick. 
After ma left I had a couple of hours quiet time followed by an uninterrupted 30 mins of gutsy chat time with my room buddies Alan 72 and Betty 78. My inner journalist at play asked if their lives had panned out as they had envisaged as young adults. Betty’s had pretty much whilst Alan’s hadn’t. We were just wrapping up when Paul and Mariana arrived. ‘Twas lovely having a laugh and being updated on their worlds which are definitely movie script worthy. My dinner arrived which was completely hospital yet tolerable thanks to Mariana’s suggestion of piling the veggies from my dog food main into my chicken and corn soup entree to make more of a meal out of it and diverting the need to give any energy at all to the dog food component. Phew, thanks M. 

So onto the nitty gritty… I’m feeling really good! Pain is zero, discomfort is two out of 10, primarily due to a drainage tube coming from my stitched up bum hole and the tape holding the tube in place preventing any ‘give’ on the sensitive skin down there. Above there on my tummy is a long neatly glued cut from pubic bone to navel that is also a tad sensitive. Next to it is my new improved relocated bum hole referred to as the stoma, effectively replacing the old one. Didn’t you know anus’s are so yesterday? I won’t go into describing it for fear of freaking some of you out but I’m more than happy to share if you really want to know. Put simply, think a bum hole on the stomach with no nerve endings nor sphincter for control. Noice huh? Welcome to my new normal. Farting and poohing willy nilly. Fab. The good news is I’m told in time I’ll train my bowel to move once or twice a day and therefore manage the ‘when’ to some degree. 

Energy levels are great, I’ve just gotta get through the healing process and watch out world. Oh and still waiting on the results for any remaining squatter remnants. Surgeon and very nice man, Austin Curtin, paid me a visit to let me know the results haven’t come back yet.

Feeling fucking good. 


3 thoughts on “Day five score out of ten

  1. Sounding fantabulous Prue…. soooo good to read. Amazing what a new bum hole can do for one. A new lease on life for you which is bloody marveloooooos. Glad food options are on the up…thanks to J and M. You have a lovely day… rest and heal xxx

  2. You are incredible Prue! So great that you are doing so well. You seem to be taking it all in your stride. It won’t be long and you will be back walking to the lighthouse! Xxx

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