A quick nuke and a Sao

Chauffeur Chez had it easy yesterday, we were done and dusted within the hour! OMG Unbelievable. Especially after Thursdays two hour waiting epic and Chez’s previous experience two weeks ago when I decided to play drama queen requiring the drip. She didn’t even have time to finish her crap mag yesterday. Sorry Chez, but with proven inconsistencies there’s sure to be another opportunity.

I’m slowly learning there is no clear recipe to filling my bladder. It seems it has joined forces with my palate and become increasingly fickle and unpredictable. Good one bladder, that’s so helpful not.

My palate on the other hand has taken a liking to the complimentary Saos the cancer care unit provides for its squatter hosts and chaperones. Not having had them since childhood, I’d forgotten how satisfying they are and have begun a Sao revival with the chauffeurs. We take a couple each for the trip home and proceed to discuss why they’re so yummy and that we must reintroduce them to our respective pantries. So thanks squatter for reintroducing me to Saos but unsurprisingly I can think of better ways to revisit childhood faves. PS I hope you’re enjoying the eviction process squatter, I’ve made it long and slow so you can savour the journey.

Three weeks down, two to go!

Showing Chez a good time



8 thoughts on “A quick nuke and a Sao

  1. I love Saos with a cheese slice and vegemite! A standard (easy on the tummy) remedy Mum would bring me if I was feeling poorly, with the obligatory cup of white tea!
    Prrueeeee …. love you, HATE what you are going through! Brave Heart!


    Watch out Sao lovers of the world a shortage of the flat pack nutro bombs is forecast due to high demand at Lismore Base. Stock up immediately!

    We’re sprinting toward the finish line now Pruie stay strong, love you heaps Vic and Phil

  3. I very much enjoyed my Sao with butter and Vegemite and my cup of tea today in “our lounge room” as Prue and I have come to call the cosy little alcove where we sit and wait. Of course, that was before it all went terribly pear shaped – and I produced the first total chauffeur fail of epic proportions. 😦

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