Thoughts on a wired sleepless night

Hi troupes, I’m rising out of the haze that is post op. It’s the wee hours of the morning of my fourth sleep at Lismore base and I’m not the slightest bit sleepy. I downed TV tools at 11.30, played sudoku and brushed my teeth and attempted sleep at lights out. It’s now 1.20am. Bloody Nora. I had such a good sleep last night and an equally good day yet can’t bloody sleep now. I actually feel excited. How fucked is that? What’s there to be excited about? I have stitches in my date with a drainage tube coming out of it, I have a line of stitches on my tummy from my navel to my pubic bone and a stoma expelling little puffs of wind preparing for the first pooh to pop out. Eeew. But I think it’s funny. I’m seriously having a laugh with the functioning factor of this new accessory. And it’s not an embarrassing laugh, it’s a real school girl giggle that’s obviously triggering deep into the most basic section of my sense of humour. What kind of weirdo am I? 

I’m lying here processing it all and can only think that it’s some form of relief playing out over the past 12 months of constant focus on my bowel movements and where the closest loo is, how much pain will I encounter, will it be ok to go multiple times, how much noise will I make, will there be toilet paper, is there soap for the wash up, will I have enough warning to allow time to reach a loo, is it a fart, will I follow through etc, etc? Ah righto, I think I’m getting it now… all of that consideration is no longer required. OMG. It’s the weight of it all that’s no longer there. I’m mentally lighter, no more daily pain. OMG that’s it. Relief, fucking relief. Amazeballs. I can get on with life, normal fucking life. Of course I know longer pooh out that orifice anymore but hey I have a new improved method that I’m at this stage, completely ok with. Sure I’ll get stares from freaks who don’t understand but that’s only if I decide to be visually loud and proud and visually flaunt it but I have smug control over that. I will decide if I want to freak some imbociles out or not – tee hee snigger snigger. I’m fucking happy.


15 thoughts on “Thoughts on a wired sleepless night

  1. Hey there fucking happy. Great to hear from you ! And to hear the processing, and the perspective, and the conclusion of where you are at. Great work, as usual. Keep it up, good luck with continued recovery and progress and thanks for sharing ! (Your inability to sleep put you in my time zone. I’m about to stride out into the Cotswolds for a week but am keeping “up to date” where I can). Lots of love to you in Lismore xxx

  2. Hey there. Just texted you and then read through the various posts. What a journey. Glad to hear the pain is not more as such, and a modern new improved method (MNIM…try saying that) is in place. Love to you et al Prue.

  3. You are such a star. I can’t wait to witness you waggling your pooh bag at someone you’ve taken a dislike too. Utterly brilliant.

  4. Resilient or what? I can feel the relief and determination jumping from the screen. Long may you take such a bold and determined approach to your new normal – clearly so much better than the endurance of the last 12 months. Love you xxx

  5. Darling Proooo (so close to Pooo its weird so I’m wondering what my corresponding nic name ailment could possibly be)? That’l give you something to mull over next sleepless session.
    Anyway, if your fucking happy than I am that and more!.
    Just played tennis with my GF who has not pood out of the poo orifce for years and like you it hasn’t held her back one iota and neither does she give a rats arse about it either.
    Bonus is that you don’t have to worry about disgusting state of public loos anymore either
    Onward and Upward gorgeous!
    Sue xxxx

  6. What a great post Mitchell. Can hear the happiness jumping from the screen. How amazing the body is and how amazing you are. No more managing pain relief and that stressful uncertainty. So cool that you’re in this place. Yeah! Punching the sky for u. Lots of love and stuff. Xx

  7. Welcome back Happy Prue! So good that the haze has lifted and you are back to your young, witty self despite a good grease and oil change and an additional fashion accessory. It is amazing what the body can cope with and adapt to with a little help. Giggly, girlie Prue sounds like my 17year old Prue, maybe you two have more in common than we realised! Something she thinks of will set her off and there is no stopping the giggling🤗 and no one can understand why! You sure have had a lot to process, you won’t know yourself without all of those painful worries. More time for so many wonderful adventures with Michael, family & friends. Xxx💗💗💗

  8. So, so good to hear you are on the mend and looking at everything so positively. It will nice when life is back to normal……..or as close as possible. I bet you are looking forward to being home in your own bed!! Only spent 2 nights in hospital last year with my appendectomy and that was more than enough!! Hugs and kisses. Lea and Jose. Xxxxx

  9. Well I’ve heard this new season’s must have accessory is a stoma bag complete with changeable orange cover and mobile phone pocket, and no bum hole is the new black so no surprises that your right on trend.
    Wonderful to hear the pain has gone what a bloody relief, sort of makes it all worth while in a strange screwy sort of a way.
    Can’t wait to catch up tomorrow and have you practice that bag wiggle on me, so you’ve got it down pat when you find someone who deserves a serve!
    Just to leave you with a laugh Philly and I are off to ballet, he’s really taken to the tutu!

  10. PM you rock. So happy to hear your pain-free, stress-free, lightness and happiness. You sound empowered. I love that. Go girl go.

  11. I’ve got another thought for the wired sleepless night I would like to share … even with stoma, and stitches from navel to pubic bone, I reckon you will still have the best looking 54 year old female midriff going around …. Sleep tight x

  12. You are sounding fantastic Prue Luuuuuuuuu wahoooooo. Like a mischievous young girl (which you are of course) caught under the quilt covers with the torch light on. Life is exciting YES!!!! Now having cleared your head of all the ‘stuff’ that consumed it over the past year….. You’re now ready to rock and roll gurl xx…….That I can cope with….The ‘rock and roll’ thing that is……Bloody hell what is happening to this world…. You’re hip hopping and rock and rollin about….Vic and Phil are doing ballet… Phil’s cross dressing and wearing a tutu…. What next I ask you???? Oh, and by the way…… Scars as we know are character buidling…..xx see ya soon Pruuuuuue Luuuuuuu xxxxx

  13. You are sounding…more you! The you that I never failed to meet up with every Thursday, rain or shine. So good to have you back, pain free and with added accessory for mischief. Can you be on tap to piss some imbeciles off for me? Waving muchly to you both SxXXX

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