Third time lucky???


9 thoughts on “Third time lucky???

  1. You and Penelope are looking hot!! Loved the video, I could multi task whilst listening…..filed my nails, answered a call (had to pause it) and made a cuppa…..

  2. So good to see you Prue, you are looking and sounding fab. Love your orange top & beads, Penelope looks amazing in Orange too! I am impressed how much medical info you have absorbed, you are a wealth of information. Fingers crossed for oral chemo but whatever it is, it will be worth it to make doubly sure that those teabags stay at bay. You are a natural on the screen Prue…..what’s next? TV presenter?? I am sure that magnificent Michael of yours will be your side kick as usual. Peta xxx🌻🌞🌻🌞🌻

  3. Yay, the vid clearly worked this time. Glad you could multi task Sorrell, you are the master of multitasking at the best of times so I’d hate to cause any hiccups to that! And thanks Peta for your usual supportive, positive and complimentary words. My heart feels all warm and squishy x

  4. Nailed it MItchell. great post, and whilst you’ve been at, you dragged me into the 21st century. Yikes. The only thing that concerns me is that my skin is shit, I don’t have clear eyes and my mouth is dry. I want whatever you’re on . . . lost of love. xxx

  5. Ahhh dear dear dear PM…
    Very very very brave and very very very good. Loved it. Love you. You are a STAR. And now your video seems to be up and running on all 3 posts 🙂

  6. Genius! Love the post and to see you looking so WELL. Your outfit even matched the banner of your blog. Too clever. Keep at it.xxxxx

  7. Hey chick!

    That video WAS AMAZZZIINNGGG! The real you shining through, you look beautiful btw J, I see shadows of bravery in your aura, I can tell, it will all be fine. Love ya! Talk on the weekend. Tan x

  8. Loved the video Prue!!!! Was just like we were having a nice chat – with you doing all the talking as usual!!!!
    Thinking of you over this next precautionary stage – big hugs to you and Michael xxxxx (PS more videos please)

    1. Thanks Sally. More vids? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Have you ever done one? Give it a burl and you’ll understand my reluctance. Hope you had a lufferly birthday. I meant to call but got a tad distracted that day. Will touch base soon…we have a bit to catch up on on the health front don’t we? xx

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