Hello Squatter

To those of you who are valued yet not part of our day to day world, this blog may come as a shock because it appears cancer is a shared interest for m’darlink and me.

Ten years to the day since we admitted M to Lismore Base Hospital for removal of Tommy tumour, we again drove out to Lismore to meet with his surgeon – this time it was for me. A colonoscopy report revealed I too have a squatter.

Of course, with the advancement of time, my squatter is superior and naturally more sophisticated – it is bigger and faster growing. Great. I finally get to beat M at something, thanks universe.

So this is the intro post to a blog I’m setting up to document the journey and keep all of you informed of progress. I hope to continue to work – albeit in a more spasmodic fashion – and therefore need to work out how to deal with the added workload of responding to enquiries about my health and progress. I’m hoping this blog will inform, be cathartic for both M and I (look out for MM’s posts laden with his usual cynicism and wobbly wisdom) and alleviate the need for a publicity manager.

We have huge support and love being thrown at us by our local buddies so please be assured, we are being looked after.

Texts and Comments on this blog are the best form of communicating with us, as chemo and radiation treatment, combined with lots of rest whilst attempting to work, will prevent us from being so available for calls.


2 thoughts on “Hello Squatter

  1. Hi Prue & Michael,
    We had Caz, Terry & Thongma staying with us for Jo’s 60th Birthday over the weekend and learnt of your recent news on Sunday. Good to hear you are through the invasive treatment phase and nearly ready for surgery. You sound incredibly chirpy in spite of the horrible card you have been dealt, but why would we expect any different of you? Why do toadies sometimes get the king of hearts and the good ones draw the two of spades? Dumb luck I guess, but I wish it wasn’t so. We will raise a glass tonight in the hope and expectation that you will continue to fight the good fight with the support of the medicos and those around you that love you. As our bodies appear determined to betray us all (to a greater or lesser extent) I guess life condenses down to those we love and those that love us. In boxing vernacular you have a very strong corner.
    Bob & Jo Talbot

    1. Hey there Bob Talbot, how loverly to hear from you. Thank you for your gawj message – it brought a tear to my eye. Only moments ago was I thinking the very same thoughts as your second last line and that the huge positive I’ve learned so far from this very surreal journey, is how important strong connections are. It seems I/we have some incredible friends and family that I feel I may have taken for granted until now. It’s truly mind blowing how much support I feel from everyone, both remotely and closely and I now add you and Jo to that list. I can’t believe Jo is 60!!! No way. I have been thinking of her often lately because we’ve been watching Homeland on Netflix and the wife (Jessica, don’t know the actors name) in that reminds me so much of Jo. I hope the night of celebration was a hoot and look forward to hearing the low down from Spinhead. Happy belated to Jo and thank you again for your message Bob (& Jo), appreciate it bigtime xxp

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